UK's Highest Accredited Lock Range

ATK is a euro cylinder with the Master Locksmith Association’s highest rating – SS312 Sold Secure Diamond, TS007 3 star rating, British Kitemark and Secured by Design accreditations. You’ll be able to enhance the security of your home with a certified design.

The patented locking cam system of the ATK lock is proven in the market to effectively combat against lock snapping and forced entry methods of attack. This means that even the most determined would-be intruder will be deterred.

Document Q Compliance

Document Q is a government outline of the legal security standards for doors and windows to resist physical attack by a burglar. This includes the requirements of inherent structural integrity and appropriate hardware performance. All of our ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder locks are Document Q complaint, so you can feel safer in your home.

Document Q Compliance

What Makes the ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder Special?

  • British Kitemark Standard

    As one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety, the British Kitemark Standard has been allowing homeowners to invest trust in their purchased for years. To ensure the ATK 3 cylinder achieves this standard, it undergoes strict testing, assessment and monitoring on a regular basis.

    With this in mind, Endurance doors that are fitted with this locking system are able to offer you an impressive degree of security. When combined with our sledge-hammer tested solid timber core, modern manufacturing techniques and premium grade materials you won’t settle for less.

    The ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder Timeline Image
  • Secured by Design Accredited

    The Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation illustrates a degree of security that has been recognised by the Metropolitan Police standard. Having undergone rigorous testing, the ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder has proven itself to uphold outstanding protection against crime.

    This means that your composite door will be designed with current crime trends in mind, so they are sure to offer modern performance to keep you safe. Carefully designed and tested, the ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder is a fantastic option for any home.

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Design Your Composite Door

Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home. We’ll also share your design with up to 3 members of our Preferred Installer Network who can offer you a custom quote, based on your exact specifications.

Alternatively, you can contact your Local Preferred Installer using our ‘Find an Installer’ search.

ATK 3 Star Cylinder Lock Features

  • Patented Snap Secure Technology

    Snapping the lock is a popular method that burglars use to gain entry into your property, with the profile euro cylinder failing to provide the strength or design to prevent it. In response to this, the ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder has patented snap secure technology to stand up to attack.

    This is made possible by a multi-part cylinder that responds to a lock snapping attempt by creating a high security barrier to the inner locking mechanism. This prevents a would-be intruder from snapping the cylinder and gaining access.

    The ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder Timeline Image
  • Pick, Drill & Bump Resistant

    Other forms of getting past the security of the lock including picking, drilling and bumping. The ATK 3 lock is fitted with advanced pick resistance, anti-drill and anti-bump pins to prevent these methods from being successful.

    These adjustments to the inner workings of the lock allows it to offer complete protection for your home. You’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your are investing in a new addition to your home that will keep you safe and sound.

    The ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder Timeline Image
  • Range of Sizes

    These locks are available in sizes from 30-60mm in 5mm increments for both internal and external parts of the cylinder. All sizes have the TS007 3 star British Kitemark, ensuring the high standards are kept consistent across the board.

    Whether you choose a composite door from our ‘Classic’, ‘Country’ or ‘Urban’ range, your nearest Endurance Preferred Installer will be able to install a lock that is the perfect fit. This ensures that the performance is maintained as it should be.

    The ATK 3 Star Diamond Cylinder Timeline Image

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