Request Marketing Materials

Endurance Main Brochure
82 Pages

The big brochure. The keep in your van or on your desk brochure.

This is the one you use to refer to for door styles, colours, hardware and a bit of the glazing range too. Make your notes on the Endurance doors, ear mark the pages of your most popular styles and carry with your samples of the Endurance colours and core.

Endurance Handout Flyers
8 Pages

The small brochure. The takeaway brochure for homeowners.

This is the one you leave the customer with. It’s the ‘Why Choose Endurance’ story with a quick flick through our styles and ranges. Most, not all, but most of your customers will have access to the internet and our HomeView Door Designer is a better tool for choosing a door style, colour, glazing style and hardware options than any brochure.

Corner Samples

Corner samples including profile and flag hinge. Corner samples show off our unique Moisture Barrier System which is applied to every Endurance door stopping water ingress into the timber core and delamination.

Solid Core Samples

A small sample of our main USP: our solid timber core. Not all doors are made the same and the core of our door is one of the strongest on the market with 17 laminations of cross laminated kerto you can use the solid core sample to show to your customer the inner makeup of the solid and secure Endurance door.

Colour Swatches

Single Swatches and Full Colour Set

Colour swatches are the only way to confirm the exact colours of our door skins. Printed brochures and online swatches cannot guarantee the precise colour so we advise you have a full swatch. Additional single swatches can be requested too.