Matching Door & Frame

Our door frames are matched to your new Brilliant Blue door with a foiled finish.

Matching Accessories

Put the finishing touch to your bespoke door with accessories such as handles, knockers and letterplates.

Solid Timber Core

Our endurance doors are made with cross-laminated timber, creating a more durable and thicker core.

Colour Match Samples

Receive a true version of your preferred colour with a sample, showing the exact colour in.


Love my new door

Love my new door, chose a blue one and I’m not disappointed.

blue composite door colour

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Enhance any of our range of composite door styles with the addition of your chosen colour. While some may be more suited to particular door designs, the choice is entirely yours. Endurance Installer Partners near you will be able to recommend the best fit for your home from our ‘Classic’, ‘Urban’ and ‘Country’ collections, for a blue composite door that’s unique to you. Whether your home is new or old, or even heritage, blue composite doors will prove themselves to be a perfect option. Combine the charm of traditional timber doors with modern, cutting-edge performance, so you can enjoy classic door design without compromise.

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