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Our range of grey composite doors are perfect for homeowners looking to bring a classic feel to their home. We understand that getting the right door for your property can sometimes be one of the main things that makes a house a home, which is why we offer a range of shades across each collection of our door styles. We have multiple swatches available to order in Anthracite, Elephant, Pearl and Slate!

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Whether your home is new or old, or even heritage, grey composite doors will prove themselves to be a perfect option. Offering the charm that comes with traditional wooden doors, these shades allow you to perfectly capture a classic door design without having to miss out on all the benefits that cutting-edge Endurance composite doors bring.


Choose from ‘Pearl Grey’, ‘Elephant Grey’ or ‘Anthracite Grey’ to complement your home. Each option brings its own unique charm, ranging from softer tones to a more rich and solid shade to offer you more choice. When combined with our wide collection of door styles, you’re sure to find the ideal grey composite door for your home. We make it easy for you to enjoy a look that is suited to you.

grey composite door range
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Although each option may be better suited to a certain type of door, all of our grey composite door colours will beautifully enhance the look of any composite door style that you choose. This means that whether you choose an option from our ‘Classic’, ‘Country’ or ‘Urban’ collections, you’ll be able to enjoy each shade in all its glory. Your nearest Endurance Installer will be on hand to help you find the perfect style for your home.


We understand that getting the right grey composite door for your home takes more than just achieving a beautiful base colour. Our range of accessories, from letterplates to door knockers, can be tailored to perfectly complement the tone that you choose. This means that you can enjoy a completely consistent appearance, without any door features or accessories proving to be an eye-sore as they clash with the colour you have chosen.

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Common problems with poor quality skins and colours is that they fade, peel, flake or discolour over time. In turn, this means that the beautiful appearance you enjoyed when the doors were installed quickly falls short of the mark. With Endurance’s modern grey composite doors, this is not something that you will have to worry about. All of the grey shades that we offer are applied with a highly durable coating to allow you to enjoy a eye-catching and rich appearance time and time again.

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Vicky was looking for a striking design to complement her beautiful home renovation project. The Fuji door style in Anthracite Grey from our Urban Collection was the ideal solution, enhancing her property’s look and feel.

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