advantages of composite front doors
Advantages of Composite Doors

Advantages of Composite Doors

Composite front doors come with a long list of advantages for the homeowner that is looking to replace or install new doors into their property. Often customers find themselves choosing between uPVC doors and composite doors, weighing up the benefits of a composite front door alongside other options and working out what is the best cost-effective solution.

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The first advantage that Endurance composite doors have over uPVC or traditional timber is the strong and sturdy profile. Our fully fitted composite doors are created using a mixture of materials, each purposefully selected for their unique properties, the composite door has a superior profile that is unrivalled by a uPVC door or wooden profile. Created with a mixture of uPVC, laminated door skin with a weatherproof and durable acrylic layer and our solid timber core, the Endurance composite door benefits your home with advantages far beyond its counterparts available on the market.


The Country Collection

The Country Collection features traditional shiplap styles that look stunning in earthy tones inspired by nature. Take a look at ‘Irish Oak’ and ‘Racing Green’ in particular for beautiful composite doors that make an incredible first impression. One of the advantages of our Country Collection composite doors is that they are available as stable doors, offering a versatile and flexible design that is bound to impress.

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The Urban Collection

The Urban Collection features modern designs that can make a statement and improve the overall aesthetic of your home. With stainless steel pull handles and striking glass designs to choose from, you can sculpt a bespoke composite door solution for your home that is unique to your personal taste. Our Urban Collection composite doors look particularly good in bright, bold colours that make a statement.

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The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is inspired by the Victorian and Georgian eras, featuring traditional designs packed with modern functionality. Our entire composite front door range is available in our 17 colours with the option for matching coloured frames to suit your home. Our composite doors benefit many areas of your property. They work well as front doors and are also suited as rear doors or internal doors.

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One of the largest advantages of composite doors over uPVC or wooden doors is the range of styles, designs and options available. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design for a more conventional home or you would prefer a contemporary style design for a modern property, Endurance has the perfect composite front door for you. There are many advantages of composite doors, many of which feature in the functionality of the manufacture and installation, but others are in the flexibility and versatility of the customisable styles.

benefits of composite front doors


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Our composite doors will benefit your home as soon as they are installed, trapping warm air inside of your home and keeping it warmer for longer. This in turn helps to lower your energy bills as you find less of a reliance on the central heating, helping to decrease your carbon footprint at the same time, so you can enjoy financial as well as environmental advantages of composite doors. Energy efficiency is hugely important, now more than ever, so we’re proud that our doors boast this in abundance.

Alongside windows, doors are the most common places that homeowners suffer with heat loss, which is why our composite doors work to eliminate draughts and water ingress. Advanced weatherproofing is one of the many advantages of composite doors you will enjoy. Your home is well protected even in the most adverse of weather conditions, giving you complete peace of mind about the protection of your home from the outside and your property’s energy efficiency.

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A composite front door from Endurance is guaranteed to keep you safe. One of the advantages of our composite doors is that they have a 48mm solid timber construction – 10% thicker than average. Because of this, our doors won’t let you down if an intruder tries to enter your home. Compared to other options on the market which have a glass reinforced plastic skin, Endurance Doors make use of materials that are tougher and more robust, for superior results.

Our doors feature the latest security hardware, and have a highly durable, impact-resistant frame. Also, the weatherproof design ensures our doors won’t weaken for decades. Our doors only have a 3mm bowing allowance, ensuring your entrance won’t bend out of shape and will keep its strength.

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Our composite doors are created using high end and advanced manufacturing techniques resulting in a profile that is unrivalled anywhere else on the market. Renowned for their solidity, our 48mm thick solid timber door slab is 10% thicker than other composite doors that are available. It makes sense why our Endurance composite door range is so popular!


One of the advantages of our composite doors is that they don’t require regular upkeep. All you need to do is wipe the door down from time to time with a damp cloth to maintain their pristine look.

Another advantage of our composite doors is that they won’t fade over time, so our rich and colourful woodgrains will maintain their brightness even after years of exposure to adverse weather and frequent use.

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Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home.


The Endurance composite front door range is versatile and flexible with cost-effective and budget-friendly prices. Our expert team can advise and recommend on the best possible solution and you can design your door on our online designer tool to envision exactly how you want your composite doors to look. Find out how you can enjoy all the advantages of composite doors for your home.

If you have any questions or queries about the advantages of our composite doors, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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