composite door Locks

Choosing the right locking mechanism for your composite door is a delicate balance between convenience and security. To help simplify this process for you, we have developed a range of user friendly videos to help explain the key features of each door lock, so you can choose the right one for your home.

Whether you’re a first time homeowner or upgrading your old front door, you can trust Endurance to deliver the perfect balance of style and security. Browse our range of multipoint, automatic, and smart locking systems and find the right security solution
for your home today.

Multipoint locking mechanisms

Our range of locking mechanisms offers an exceptional level of security, allowing you to relax knowing that your home is protected by some of the most tried and tested locking technology available. Instead of relying on a single point of engagement, these systems secure your door at multiple points along the frame. Operating with a single lever handle, the central gearbox activates hooks or bolts that extend into the frame, providing a robust defence against forced entry.

All multipoint mechanisms from Endurance are compatible with our 3* high-security cylinders, exceeding industry standards for enhanced security. Designed for convenience, durability, and weather resistance, multipoint locking mechanisms offer homeowners a reliable and comprehensive solution for safeguarding their homes.

Guardian 5

The Guardian5 is the standard high-security multipoint locking mechanism for Endurance Doors. This mechanism is engaged by raising a traditional lever handle, which throws five nickel plated deadbolts into the frame. Providing multiple solid points of contact, making your front door resistant to intruders.

This mechanism is perfect for those seeking the freedom to come and go from their home without the worry of getting accidentally locked out. The key difference between the Guardian5 and its average multipoint counterpart is its enhanced sprung gearbox. This creates a reduction in the operational force required to engage the mechanism, creating more than just an increase in security, it also creates a smoother user experience.

5 Point Mechanism

Developed in conjunction with ERA, the 5-point locking mechanism features four high security opposing hooks positioned along the frame and a central brass deadbolt to prevent forced entry.

When in the fully thrown position, the bi-directional position of the hooks also provides improved compression and weather-sealing. For daytime use, this multipoint mechanism also features a simple day-latch, offering the perfect solution for security conscious homeowners.

While the Guardian5 features multiple deadbolts and the 5 Point boasts bi-directional hooks, these multipoint mechanisms are two of the most secure options available for composite doors.


Slam Shut mechanisms

Slam shut locks are auto locking mechanisms designed to provide a seamless and secure locking mechanism for your doors. Unlike traditional locks that require manual locking, auto-slam shut locks automatically engage when the door is closed. This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock your doors or the possibility of leaving them unlocked when you’re in a hurry.

Automatic locking mechanisms utilise a variety of features to seal and secure your property when you close the door behind you, from magnetic triggers to automatic firing pins. Our AV2 and AV3 locking options are available in both the standard and heritage positions to best suit the style of your composite door.


This Auto locking mechanism operates as soon as the door closes behind you, removing the need to lift a lever to hook the door into place, creating a smoother experience when you enter your home.

Once the door is slammed shut, all of the firing pins engage with 2 steel hooks that are built with high-tensile strength. The deadbolt itself activates by turning the key. Meaning that your composite door comes with in-built security features before the door even gets locked.

These automatic locking features help secure your door in place, making this mechanism ideally suited to FD30 Fire Doors.


This advanced autolocking mechanism is the next step in the evolution of the AV2, the AV3 features a daytime latch that can be activated for times when flexible entry from the outside is required without the use of the key.

Unlike the automatic locks on the AV2 which shuts as soon as the door is slammed to trigger the firing pins, the automatic locking process on the AV3 is activated with magnetic trigger technology. This allows for the door to lock into place without additional locking.


Smart locking mechanisms

Adding a smart locking system to your composite door provides a modern solution designed to provide convenience and control. These innovative locks allow you to manage access to and from your property with features ranging from keyless entry, fingerprint technology and intercom systems. Whether you are looking for an entry solution for a private residence,

shared accommodation or rented property you can enjoy the flexibility of granting temporary access, receiving security alerts, and monitoring door activity from any location. Providing an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a modern and efficient home entry solution.


The ERA TouchKey is a highly secure and versatile keyless entry and exit solution, that uses multi-level authentication. It combines traditional mechanical door hardware with world-renowned smart technology, offering new ways to access your home without needing a key.

TouchKey’s user-friendly interface and built-in reporting capabilities make managing access a breeze. You can easily add or remove users, track who is coming and going and receive alerts if there are any attempted breaches.

There’s even a physical hidden key override for the ultimate peace of mind. TouchKey is available in Chrome and Graphite finishes, each supplied with three keys and handy keyrings to remove the decorative cylinder cap.


For those seeking added comfort and convenience alongside the impressive features of the AV2 automatic locking system, the blueMatic AV2-E goes beyond just mechanically securing doors. This advanced system not only locks doors but also offers a motorised opening function, providing an extra layer of ease.

Ideal for residents in shared accommodation, apartments, and communal entrances, the motorised operation of doors can be crucial. The locked door can be easily opened from the inside using the door handle as usual, or from both inside and outside using access control options like audio/visual intercom systems or fingerprint scanners. It’s the perfect solution for a hassle-free and secure entry experience.



The ABS Master locking cylinder is precision engineered to respond when it comes under attack from potential intruders, activating its measures to keep your property and yourloved ones safe.



Every Endurance Composite Door is supplied with 5 high security keys that are impossible to replicate without your security code. So that only you and those you trust with a key can access your property.



The ABS Master cylinder is specifically designed to combat and resist all known methods of attack, we're so confident in its performance that in the unlikely event it should fail you'll benefit from our £2,000 security guarantee.


key features

  1. 1.20mm throw twin deadbolts

    High security nickel plated alloy deadbolts fully penetrate the keep rail and help prevent forcing apart of the sash and frame.

  2. 2.Weather seal compression adjustment in the keeps

    Together with the enhanced tapered deadbolt design, the adjustment in the keeps provides for low operating forces. With ±2mm adjustment it is possible to adjust for misalignment of the door during and after installation.

  3. 3.Heavy duty steel keeps

    Heavy duty keeps manufactured using high grade steel, plated to comply with Grade 5 corrosion resistance requirement of BS EN1670 European Standard.

  4. 4.Latch and centre deadbolt

    Engineered alloy sprung latch and nickel plated steel deadbolt provides the Guardian5 locking system with maximum strength in the centre of the door.

  5. 5.High performance gearbox

    Tested to 100,000 cycles the sprung gearbox offers the lowest possible operating forces and helps prevent handle ‘droop’.

5 point

key features

  1. 1.Five points of locking

    Multiple points of contact create more positive connections to the frame than a conventional two hook lock. This additional pressure creates improved weather sealing between the door and frame, eliminating water ingress and unwanted drafts.

  2. 2.Four bidirectional hooks

    The bidirectional throw of these hooks provide enhanced anti-jemmy protection, providing increased security to your property.

  3. 3.Central brass deadbolt

    The hooks in the mechanism are locked in the fully throw position when the central deadbolt is engaged. You can do this by lifting the lever and turning your key / thumb turn.

  4. 4.Day latch function

    This mechanism features a simple retractable day latch function, meaning that when activated you will be able to push the door open at any time without a key or needing to depress the lever.


key features

  1. 1.Immediate Locking

    This sleek, innovative, locking mechanism automatically locks as soon as the door is closed, eliminating the need to lift a handle to engage the lock.

  2. 2.Additional Deadbolt Security

    An additional central deadbolt can also be engaged by turning the key for additional security.

  3. 3.Standard and Heritage Position

    Whether you are looking for a classic design or a more modern aesthetic, this mechanism can either be installed in the standard or heritage position to suit your preferences.

  4. 4.Upgrade compatible

    Easily upgrade to the AV2E by adding a motor

  5. 5.FD30 Approved

    All Endurance FD30 rated Fire Doors will feature the AV2 locking mechanism as standard.


key features

  1. 1.Immediate Locking

    With the AV3, you can be confident in the fact that your door is locked as soon as you close the door behind you. Only those with a key will be able to enter the property.

  2. 2.Innovative Day Latch

    Daytime latch functionality allows flexible entry to and from the property while activated.

  3. 3.Dual Hooks

    Dual hooks provide added security and dynamic contact pressure meaning the door is securely locked when pulled closed.

  4. 4.Additional weather seal compression

    Thanks to the dynamic contact pressure of the sealing element, doors stay flush and seal-tight for many years. The additional weather hook holds the door firmly in position further protecting your home against the weather.

  5. 5.Central Magnetic Trigger

    The central magnetic trigger only activates when the tracer pin is pushed firmly into the frame of the door preventing your hooks from engaging early and potentially scratching the internal frame.


key features

  1. 1.Multiple Entry Methods

    This keyless entry system uses multi-level security authentication to unlock the door. Allows multiple methods of access to your property: - Advanced fingerprint sensor - Smart Home App - Bluetooth - Siri

  2. 2.Reassurance of Key Override

    Three physical keys are provided with your TouchKey, these can be used as a backup entry method. To access the keyhole, you will need to remove the protective cover cap. This can be replaced when you no longer need traditional key access.

  3. 3.Auto-locking Mechanism

    When exiting the property simply close the door behind you and the automatic locking mechanism will automatically fire and engage all locking points. Ensuring your home is secure every time you leave.

  4. 4.Customer Support Access

    In the unlikely event you need further support with your TouchKey, the ERA Customer Support team can be accessed Monday - Saturday from 9am-5pm on 0345 646 1487


key features

  1. 1.High Quality mechanism

    Features all of the benefits of the AV2 system with the benefit of an additional functionality of electronic opening.

  2. 2.Accessible Solution

    AV2E locking system is extremely versatile as it can be integrated with different types of access control systems and is suitable for a range of applications

  3. 3.Easy Retrofitting

    The motor for the AV2E locking system can easily be retrofitted into an existing autoLock AV2 locking system by your installer.

  4. 4.Keyless Access

    This mechanism is not only capable of mechanically locking doors, but it can also unlock them with a motorised opening function. Your locked door can be opened from the inside as usual with the door handle, or from both inside and outside using hands free opening products such as fingerprint recognition and audio/visual intercom systems.

  5. 5.High performance gearbox

    Tested to 100,000 cycles the sprung gearbox offers the lowest possible operating forces and helps prevent handle ‘droop’.

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