What Is A Composite Door?

Composite is a term used to describe something when it is made up of many different parts or elements. Composite doors are becoming an extremely popular external door style due to their robustness, resilience, and appearance. A composite door is made from a combination of materials including uPVC, timber, and laminated door skin. The door is built with a highly weatherproof and durable acrylic layer. The materials that make up a composite door are combined and glued under high pressure conditions. Creating an external door that will outperform other styles, such as the uPVC door.

A composite door is designed to appear like a traditional wooden door, however, due to the materials it is created with, it’s more durable, weather resistant and thermally efficient. Composite doors have an outer frame, subframe and a solid timber core, that provides them with the premium quality standards every time. We have developed our composite door design over time to create the very best composite door product on the market. Composite doors are the perfect modern day solution to all your front door problems. When compared with uPVC or wooden doors, a composite door is designed with the flaws of traditional door styles in mind.


The term ‘composite’ literally means made up of several parts or elements and this is exactly what a composite door is. Our composite doors are made up of a number of materials including a 48mm thick cross-bonded, veneered, laminated, solid timber core. This is what makes our Endurance residential doors stand out from the rest with our doors being nearly 10% thicker than average composite doors.

Due to the way in which we have developed and enhanced our manufacturing technique over the years, our composite doors have evolved and improved over time to become the market leaders. Currently unrivalled on the existing market, Endurance residential doors are the ultimate fit for any property with a list of features and benefits that come with them.

What is an Endurance Composite Door?

  • The Door

    The composite door from Endurance is available in three different collections – Modern, Classic and Urban.

    Each collection offers your a robust timber core, woodgrain effect colours, a wealth of glass options, and hardware and security upgrades.

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  • The Hardware

    Choose from our wide selection of handles and knockers, and add on extra items such as letterplates or numerals.

    With 7 hardware colours to choose from including Gold, Graphite, White, Antique Black, Black and Chrome you’re sure to find hardware to complement your new door and your home’s style.

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  • The Colours

    Go bold and beautiful with colours such as Rich Red, Turquoise Pastel, Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey. Or keep it striking yet subtle with our Pearl Grey, Cream, Pebble and Irish Oak.

    With Endurance, you can ensure your home and your new composite entrance encompasses your individual style, improving the kerb appeal of your property. Endurance Doors are available with colour matching frames, and you can colour match your new door with replacement windows or garages using our handy RAL number guide.

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  • The Security

    A composite door is extremely secure in general due to the layered combination of materials.

    The Endurance Composite Door has built upon this strength to protect your home even further from attempted break-ins. Watch our video to see for yourself!

Benefits of a Composite Door

For both urban and rural homes alike the front door is the focal point, protecting the household from intruders and natural elements whilst still being affordable and reflecting the homes’ individuality. Choosing an Endurance composite door will allow you to create a design that suits your technical and design specifications.

Composite doors offer your property a security upgrade. Our doors have been subject to multiple controlled security tests to reenact the most common forms of attempted burglary. Even the toughest tools will find difficulty in creating a hole through the core of the door.

Composite doors will protect your home against the weather. Combined with the perfect installation, you will be able to prevent any unwanted elements from entering your home. A standard composite door is 44mm thick which promotes strength and security. Our composite doors are 10% thicker than the standard designs (48mm) and offer a solid timber core.

While many people tend to choose the cheaper door alternatives to save on the overall cost, these can end up causing problems that go far beyond their initial guarantee period and while homeowners may not realise it, there is a great way to get the best of all worlds between security, strength and style.

What Is An Endurance Composite Door?

What Is The Difference Between A Composite Door and a uPVC Door?

Endurance composite doors are manufactured in the UK and are 10% thicker than the average composite front door and feature a solid timber core. Our doors are 48mm thick, which is 4mm thicker than the standard. The 48mm thick timber core delivers unrivalled dimensional stability to eliminate the possibility of warping over time.

The door leaf is made up of 17 laminations with a solid timber core. We use BBA accredited, engineered LVL (laminated veneered lumber) which provide our doors with lateral strength.  We use a laminated door skin with a highly weatherproof and durable acrylic layer, offering exciting vivid colours and luxurious wood effect designs that perfectly match the door frames into which they are installed.

In addition to this, each door is manufactured with an integrated Moisture Barrier System in the base of the door. This extruded cellular profile can protect your door against water damage, delamination and helps to maintain the integrity of the doors over time.

Endurance Composite Doors are available in 18 different colours that can perfectly complement any home, rural or urban. We offer you a wide range of customisation options so you can tailor your entrance to suit your personal style and existing decor.

Whereas when comparing composite doors vs uPVC doors are created with different materials that make them differ in the front door industry. uPVC doors are made entirely from plastic, which although makes it an effective door. Composite doors, however, offer all the same functionalities, but to a higher standard.


  • Classic Collection

    Our collection of Classic Composite Doors are inspired by the Victorian and Georgian eras. This style is the perfect door for traditional looking properties as it will complement the buildings existing features.

    We offer 20 door designs from the Classic Collection, each available in 18 colours!

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  • Urban Collection

    The composite doors in this collection are eye-catching and are best suited to modern homes and traditional properties. The diamond shaped glazing panels will provide privacy whilst complementing the existing architectural lines of your property.

    The Urban Collection from Endurance offers a modern aesthetic and is available in 10 designs.

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  • Country Collection

    The Country Collection composite doors will bring a heritage feel to your home. This range uses traditional shiplap to create a country feel.

    Not only will this collection of composite doors bring the country charm to the entrance of your home, they are also available as stable doors so you can enhance the rear of your property too.

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The price of a composite door will vary depending on the designs and features you choose. We have made it really easy for you to find the door of your dreams with our amazing online door designer. Compatible on any device and with an option to view your new door on your own home exterior, it is the perfect design tool. With the Endurance Door designer, your creativity knows no bounds!

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