Gather Your Ideas

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. It’s only natural to see whatever someone else is doing and want to do it yourself – but better. Before settling on a composite door, we recommend you take a look online at some of the options available on the market. 

Explore popular Instagram accounts and Facebook pages to see any images that happy homeowners have shared. Take a peek at Pinterest to find a board that fits your mood. You’ll realise how many options there are, and you’ll want to start narrowing them down to find the ones that are right for you.

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Design Your Door

You’ll have lots of ideas swirling around in your head, so it’s time to start putting them together into your own bespoke look. Using our HomeView Door Designer, you can choose the colour, finish, furniture and hardware accessories to create a truly bespoke look. 

See what others have done and put your own spin on things, or opt for something totally unique. There’s the perfect Endurance door for every home – and for everyone. You’ll know it when you see it with our online designer tool, and you’ll fall in love with it when you do.


View Your Design Virtually

It’s virtually impossible not to be impressed by the style and performance of our composite doors. Fortunately, our impressive virtual technology lets you see your bespoke design on your home, so you can get a proper look at what it would be like on your property. 

Now is a great time to make any tweaks. Perhaps the colour doesn’t complement your home’s exterior the way you thought, or maybe you want something that makes more of a splash on your street to boost your home’s kerb appeal. With our virtual designs, you can tailor your composite door your way. 


Get Your Quote

Endurance’s Installer Partners across the UK are ready and willing to receive your composite door design and come back to you with a personalised quote. You’ll get a price from your nearest three installers.

We’re sure you’ll be as impressed with your quote as you will be with your bespoke door design that it’s for. Remember, an Endurance door will last for many years and make your home more thermally efficient, so you’ll save on heating bills. You’ll also feel safer, and you can’t put a price on that. 


Meet your door Installer

We’ve assessed and chosen our Installer Partners because they meet our high standards of service and workmanship. They’ll be on-hand at the start of the process and throughout to answer any questions you might have and ensure you get a straightforward fit. 

At this stage, you can meet with your installer and maybe even visit their showroom. This will be the ideal opportunity to see a composite door up close, so you’ll get a hands-on experience with the products before your own design is fitted for your home.


Check Out Colour Swatches

Nothing beats seeing our classic and on-trend colours in real life to confirm you’ve made the right choice – or give you some guidance if you’re looking to change your mind. Now is a great time to handle some colour swatches and select the perfect shade. 

Everyone’s different, and you’ll want to find the right fit for your home. But sometimes we like a little steer to help us along. Chat with your Installer Partner about some recent projects and any favourite composite door colours to guide you on your creative journey.


Agree Installation Date

Save the date! It’s time to mark your calendar for the big day when you’ll have your composite door installed. The process is straightforward and stress-free when handled by our Installer Partners, and you’ll have your new door in place in no time at all  (on a day that works for you). 

We’ll keep you informed all the way through the process, so you’ll know where your Endurance door is and when it’s en route. And before you know it, it’ll be proudly installed at the front of your home, ready to welcome guests in style and greet you every day when you get home.


Get Prepared

Before your Installer Partner arrives with your composite door, you’ll want to make sure you give them a warm welcome – and we don’t just mean by putting the kettle on. It’s important to prepare the area by removing door bells and any furniture near your current door. 

This allows for a quick and easy installation process, which we know you’ll appreciate as much as your installer will. With the right preparation process in progress, you can help to make way for your new composite door and welcome it to its new home just as it will welcome you home.


Register Your Guarantee

You’ll have total peace of mind about the security of your composite door from its installation date to ten years’ time. Once it’s been fitted, you’ll want to activate your security guarantee on the Endurance Doors website to secure your £2,000 compensation if a break-in occurs. 

In the unlikely event that your composite door is compromised by snapping the ABS Ultimate lock, you can claim your £2,000 within 14 days of the burglary taking place. Once you’ve registered your guarantee, you can put aside the paperwork and embrace your brand new door. 

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Enjoy Your New Door!

Now it’s time for the final and most important step – you can enjoy your new door and all the compliments it will bring. Endurance composite doors are renowned for their style and security without compromise, so you’ll be picking up praise from friends, family, envious neighbours and even passers-by. 

An Endurance door will boost your home’s kerb appeal, making it more stylish, improving its thermal efficiency and enhancing its security. Design your dream door with us today and you’ll be stepping through your new composite door in just ten simple steps.

Build Your Door
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Start designing your own Endurance composite door today in ten simple steps. From design to installation, you'll have total peace of mind every step of the way.