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The ABS Master Locking Cylinder offers unprecedented levels of security for your composite door. We’re so confident in its functionality and capabilities that in the unfortunate event your home is broken into by means of snapping the cylinder, we will offer £2000 in compensation. It’s all part of our commitment to providing total peace of mind for homeowners across the country.

When you choose an Endurance door, you’re choosing the safest and most secure doors on the market. After your door installation, fill out the form below to activate your security guarantee.

Terms & conditions apply. See below for full details.

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The ABS Master lock will remain secure after forced entry snapping attacks and in most cases will still be operable with the key from the inside. This means that you won’t be trapped inside your home should the lock be attacked. Given that we offer this unprecedented level of security on ABS Master locks we have the confidence to state that in the unfortunate event that a burglar was able to gain access to your property by snapping the ABS Master cylinder then £2000 in compensation will be paid to the homeowner.

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About £2,000 Guarantee:

Should a burglary take place within 10 years from the point of installation and entry was achieved by snapping a ABS Master lock, our partners, Avocet Hardware, will pay you £2000. To activate your guarantee just complete this survey within 28 days of your installation. If you would like to make a claim, please complete this claim form. Only use genuine ABS Master Keys. Claims must be returned within 14 days of any incident.

About your data:

The information you are providing to us as part of this activation is safe as we don't ask for the property address. We will only ever use your provided data to send you important emails directly related to your specific Endurance Doors or Avocet Hardware request, purchase or guarantee.







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Thank you for activating your £2000 guarantee. The Endurance team will process your details within 24 hours. There is no further action required.

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Our Secured by Design composite doors offer a standard of protection that ensures the property they are installed into are 75% less likely to be burgled, showing a reduction of 25% in criminal damage. This shows that they will prove to be an invaluable addition to any property, ensuring your home, your family and you stay safe.

Crime is often cited as a stand out reason for homeowners to move property, so it’s important that you get a door design that protects you from potential intruders. The Secured by Design scheme has been put in place as an initiative to ‘design out crime’, responding to modern statistics and techniques to ensure cutting-edge protection.

Why Use ABS Cylinders?

ABS Master cylinders are the result of many years of experience and expertise in the composite door security sector. They are fitted with a range of intelligent and intuitive locking mechanisms and safety measures that trigger whenever the door detects a forced entry attempt. When your composite door is under attack, ABS cylinders highly secure features activate to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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What makes ABS cylinders so secure?

To keep your home safe, ABS cylinders are fitted with highly secure features to maximise their functionality. If attacked, their Active Snap Protection triggers, activating a hidden lock inside the solid core to keep them locked and secure. They are also pick, drill and bump resistant, protecting your home against the most prevalent forced entry attempts with resistant mechanisms in place. With ABS Master cylinders, Endurance composite doors give you total peace of mind.

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  1. Doors covered by the guarantee are deadlocked using genuine keys provided and the keys are not left in the cylinder.
  2. The guarantee form has been filled in and completed (online) and received within 28 days of the installation and not less than 1 month prior to any claim being made.
  3. The products must have been fitted by an Endurance Doors Preferred Installer.
  4. The ABS Master Cylinder Lock has been maintained correctly with graphite powder as a dry lubricant at 12 months intervals from the date of installation. Do not use WD40 or 3-in-1 oil.
  5. Any claims must be made in writing within 28 days of the break-in providing details of the incident and MUST include the crime reference number provided by the Police Authority the crime was reported to. An Avocet Technical representative will conduct a brief but detailed investigation within 28 days of the reported break-in. The ABS Master lock MUST be returned to Avocet for inspection with photographic evidence of the lock snapped within the door. After investigation if the report confirms that the ABS Master lock relating to the compensation guarantee were correctly fitted and maintained, according to our instructions, and failed due to a forced entry through the door the ABS Master lock was fitted in, the claim will be processed within 28 days of the inspection.
  6. Only one claim per installation is permissible within the 10 year guarantee period which commences at the registered installation date. Guarantee is valid for UK mainland installations and applies to domestic homeowners properties only.