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Secured by Design (SBD) is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’. The Endurance® door range has been designed, tested and achieved the standard when combined with laminated glass.

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The Endurance collection of composite doors has been designed, tested and assessed to ensure they meet SBD requirements. This means that they have been tested to PAS 24 2016 and have shown complete compliance. We understand the importance of feeling safe in your home, which is why we only offer you the most secured designs.


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The Secured by Design testing process is intense and comprehensive, comprising:

  • A manual attack on the locking hardware with tools including a crowbar and mole grips.
  • An unlimited number of 3-minute attacks on the door cylinder using a range of tools such as craft knives and screwdrivers.
  • 3-minute manual attack using chisels and brick bolsters to gain entry through the door.
  • Hard body impact test – impacts are applied to the door leaf at hinge points and locking points using a 50kg steel impactor.
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Endurance – Solid & Secure Composite Doors

Our Secured by Design composite doors offer a standard of protection that ensures the property they are installed into are 75% less likely to be burgled, showing a reduction of 25% in criminal damage. This shows that they will prove to be an invaluable addition to any property, ensuring your home, your family and you stay safe.

Crime is often cited as a stand out reason for homeowners to move property, so it’s important that you get a door design that protects you from potential intruders. The Secured by Design scheme has been put in place as an initiative to ‘design out crime’, responding to modern statistics and techniques to ensure cutting-edge protection.

Hinges & Glass

Hinges & Glass

The hinges that we offer with our composite doors are designed to meet the requirements of PAS 24:2016 as part of a compliant door system and BS 6375. We also ensure the security of the pin is achieved by a concealed grub screw. This prevents unauthorised access by lifting off an outward opening composite door.

All Endurance doors are glazed with 4mm toughened safety glass, either double or triple glazed. This glazing design meets BSEN1279 standards for complete door protection. All sealed units are secured using a cassette glazing system that has been independently tested and approved to the PAS 23/24 standards.

secured by design front doors
endurance abs locking cylinder

ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder

The ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder lock has been designed with modern security in mind, and offers contemporary standards of performance and design. This intelligent lock has a system that responds to attack and creates a robust barrier to protect your home. You’ll be able to enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes with an SBD approved design.

This lock is expertly integrated into the composite door frame to ensure that it cannot be easily accessed by any would-be intruders. This means that it is encased in the door slab, without affecting how it operates. We understand that for you to feel at home you need to feel safe, which is why we strive to ensure high levels of security are kept consistent.

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Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home.

Endurance – Solid & Secure Composite Doors

Designed for Security

We understand that 73% of household burglaries occur via the front door, which is why we always ensure that security is a core aspect of your door designs. We ensure this by putting our doors through rigorous testing processes, which are designed to replicate the most common forms of attempted burglary.

This has demonstrated that even when the door is attacked with a sledgehammer they will continue you to offer ultimate peace of mind. They are also tested for their durability when opening, closing and unlocking which normally happens around 50,000 times during a door’s life cycle. This means that not only will our doors protect you, they will continue to do so after many years.

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Solid to the Core

Endurance Doors comprise an intelligently designed solid timber core, made up of 17 engineered timber laminates. It is this feature that makes our composite doors the most secure on the market, utilising the qualities of Kerto (a laminated veneered lumber) to offer a consistent standard of robustness and rigidity.

This also makes our doors 10% thicker than the conventional composite doors, that offer a lesser standard of quality because they don’t have our 48mm cross-bonded veneered laminated door design. This ensures that the doors that we offer achieve unrivalled strength and dimensional stability. It’s never been easier to obtain peace of mind without compromising on style.

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