We're noticed

For being green

We're recognised by and meet the standards of leading environmental accreditors, and we couldn't be prouder to ensure we're doing our part to help create a greener future.

Trees Planted

For every 2 doors we create, we plant a tree to encourage growth

Environmental concerns are at our core

We appreciate that we need to act responsibly, but at the same time offer our customers new advances that "thinking green" has to offer.

3mm bowing guarantee composite doors

Less Waste

We’re reusing more materials to create a better product.


1. Reviewed work system

We’ve reviewed our work systems and wherever possible minimised our waste and energy.

2. Recycling programme

We manage an extensive recycling programme which covers packaging, polystyrene, cardboard, uPVC, timber, paper, aluminium and steel.

3. Sustainable sources

All of the timbers used in our doors are harvested from forests which are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of past and future generations.

4. Trackable materials

The laminated veneer core is fully environmentally accredited including PEFC and full BM Trada “Chain of Custody” for tracking certified materials from the forrest to final product.

5. Fuel-conscious deliveries

Our transport department have reviewed their schedules to ensure that deliveries are made in the most fuel-conscious manner possible.

6. Thermoplastic components

In the manufacture of Endurance doors we aim to source thermoplastic components that contain lead-free stabilisers which are better for the environment.

7. 0% to landfill

0% of our waste goes to landfill. We recycle and reuse all components in our manufacturing process, ensuring a sustainable approach to waste.

8. Thermal Efficiency

The 5 chamber outer frame uPVC profile has been specifically designed for thermal efficiency and is calcium organic using lead-free stabilisers.

Years of care

Every day we operate we’re thinking of new ways to be green.



REHAU use raw materials sparingly and efficiently whilst also using recycled materials. The proportion of recycled materials in REHAU products is around 50% higher than the global average.

REHAU has returned plastic waste to its production processes since the 1950s. In the 1980s, they produced the first products made from consumers’ plastic waste. In early 2014, REHAU began building their own recycling plants.


Metsä use 100% traceable wood from northern forests, a sustainable raw material of the finest quality. Their facilities are surrounded by these forests, which ensures a never-ending, reliable supply.

Everything they do involves sustainability – from the forest to the final products, all of which are safe and recyclable.

Most of the wood Metsä Group uses comes from family-owned forests. These 103,000 families are owner-members – 103,000 Finnish forest owners.


The Moisture Barrier, Rain Deflector and frame reinforcement are all made from recycled uPVC and are recyclable once more at the end of their intended use.

These components are also manufactured from a locally sourced supplier to cut down on unnecessary travel, and in turn keeping our carbon footprint low.

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