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Choosing a composite door from Endurance is opting for a durable, thermally efficient alternative to your dated front door in need of a replacement. Homeowners throughout Liverpool are enjoying high quality designs that are both stunning yet functional. Their rising popularity is down to their fantastic features that perform exceptionally well for many years, yet remain affordable. We use innovative technology in our range of composite doors to bring you marketing leading quality you can rely on.

Our range of composite doors surpass their competition. They are available in a variety of stunning colours that can blend beautifully with your home. Rigorously tested security features add layers of safety to our designs which keep out unwanted intruders or burglars. The durable acrylic layer is a key design feature which heavily contributes to the composite door’s weatherproofing and durability. This fantastic combination of elements and more make our composite doors the perfect option for homeowners in Liverpool.

Endurance Composite Doors

  • Classic Collection

    Enjoy a vintage spin on modern technology with our fabulous Classic Collection. We have created the perfect blend of innovative performance technology and timeless and elegant design features to create a seamless addition to any traditional or period home in Liverpool. Enjoy choosing from a stunning selection of classic composite doors that can be completely tailored to match the colour, style and finish you are looking for.

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  • Urban Collection

    If your home is of a more contemporary mould, a composite door from our Urban Collection could be your best fit. We offer homeowners in Liverpool a choice of ten cutting edge styles that can be customised to suit the more unique features your property possesses. Enjoy a fantastic selection of additional hardware and accessories that can give your front door a personal appearance while satisfying your need for certain functionality. We have some excellent statement and muted colours to suit any modern homeowner.

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  • Country Collection

    The Country Collection is perfect for individuals looking to add a completely unique look to their Liverpool home. The elegant shiplap design will give your property a rustic and raw character which will perfectly match both modern and traditional architecture. A woodgrain finish such as Irish Oak or Racing Green is a fantastic way to give you home depth and style by incorporating earthy tones to your front door. Enjoy our take on an age old look with an elegant modern flair and create a truly unique appearance for your home.

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What Makes An Endurance Door Solid To The Core

Composite Door Benefits

  • Composite Door Colours

    Our composite doors boast some of the most sought after options in the Liverpool home improvement market. We offer homeowners a beautiful selection of stunning colours to match the brickwork of your home perfectly. A stunning array of wood finishes are the perfect option for property owners looking to give their home a raw yet elegant flair. We offer several wood options so you can opt between lighter and darker tones to suit the colour of your property. There are also plenty of colours to choose from, including red, blue and green if you are looking for something more conventional or eye catching.

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  • Composite Door Accessories

    Hardware can add a great finishing touch to your new front door. They not only deliver great functionality but can complement the overall appearance of your front door for a complete and finished look. We are proud to offer homeowners in Liverpool a diverse range of colours and styles across our range of accessories. Choose between striking white finishes to sleek and graceful gold or chrome. These finishes are available on knockers, letterboxes and handles. We can also offer various customised glass designs.

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  • Composite Door Security

    We know the safety and security of your home in Liverpool is a top priority. Our composite doors are designed specifically with safety in mind to deliver the most secure front doors on the market. Our entire range is Secured by Design approved. Therefore you can enjoy a stylish and sleek design that excels in reliability and performance. Our Classic, Urban and Country doors have been tried and tested to withstand various break in techniques and have passed with flying colours. You can enjoy peace of mind behind the safety of your composite door.

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Design Your Composite Door

Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home. We’ll also share your design with up to 3 members of our Installer Partner Network who can offer you a custom quote, based on your exact specifications.

Alternatively, you can contact your Local Installer Partner using our ‘Find an Installer’ search.

Etna Classic Composite Door

Composite Door Prices Liverpool

Our entire range of composite doors are competitively priced for homeowners in Liverpool. With such an abundance of stunning designs, high performance features and excellent prices, you are sure to find the right option for you.

Take the first step in creating your composite door vision by using our Design your Door tool online for free today. Look through a range of options to suit you and your home and receive and free quote within minutes based on your choices.

Alternatively, you can speak to one of our experts at Endurance who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can use our online contact form, and a specialist will answer your question in no time. Take the first step in your home improvement journey now.

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