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Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home. We’ll also share your design with up to 3 members of our Installer Partner Network who can offer you a custom quote, based on your exact specifications.

Alternatively, you can contact your Local Installer Partner using our ‘Find an Installer’ search.

Etna Classic Composite Door

Endurance News

Registering Your £2000 Guarantee

May 13, 2021

Endurance composite doors put security first. That’s why our doors are fitted with the ABS Ultimate cylinder. This innovative locking system is precision-engineered to respond when it comes under attack from potential intruders, with anti-pick,…

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Tips for Securing Your Home

May 12, 2021

Recent findings state that around a third of burglaries occur when intruders simply walk up to a house, try the handle and stroll right in. Your front door is the first line of defence against…

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Discover the Classic Collection

April 20, 2021

‘Classic’ is defined as something that has been judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and an exceptional standard against which other things are judged. This definition could absolutely refer…

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Choosing A Manufacturer

March 18, 2021

Did you know that on average around 90% of people regularly read online reviews, and more than 80% will trust these reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation? Here at Endurance, we take…

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