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The Importance of Exterior Design

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When we talk about home improvement, everyone’s mind almost always falls on interior renovations. Furniture, lighting, the works. Nobody’s here to say that it isn’t important, but we implore you to think about the face of your home that greets the world. Think about it, the entryway to your home is the first impression you leave on guests, it’s the statement you make to the outside world looking in, and remains one of the most neglected aspects of home improvement. This is why, now more than ever, we’re using our platform to urge people to have a look at what the face of their home says about them.

Enhancing Curb Appeal and Property Value: When opting for a modern traditional door, you almost certainly do not choose a timber-look skin, instead opting for a wood grain texture to give the natural touch a traditional front door tends to. Since we’re opting not to have timber skin doors, the colour you choose has to be as rich as it can be. To give you a better example, on our colour sample page, when you find the red option, it’s already set to a rich red wood grain texture, which would perfectly offset any component you give it. 

Blending Exterior Renovation With Interior Designs: A common misconception that a lot of home improvement enthusiasts never seem to get over is that interior design and exterior renovations work with one another and not separately. A door has two sides and provides functionality in more than one way. For example, if your composite front door has glazing, then natural light will gently touch anything on the other side of it, enhancing the overall look and appearance of your entrance’s interior.

The interior half of the door’s colour doesn’t have to match the exterior either. With that in mind, you can colour match the exterior design features with the inside of your home.

Composite Door Safety and Security: A key feature of exterior design features is that more often than not, they’re multi-purpose and do more than just look good. In this case, Endurance Composite Doors are some of the most secure front doors on the market. Renowned for being sledgehammer-proof and coupled with one of our many multipoint locking systems, your home is a fortress that cannot be breached without a key.