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Glass styles for composite doors

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In the door installation industry, we’ve noticed that glazing has slowly become increasingly popular with every unit we ship out. With this rising popularity in mind, we pushed glazing styles to be at the forefront of our design process, and as a result of our efforts, we now have one of the most diverse glazing options on the market to best suit any and all homes. 


Variety in Glazing Sizes: Despite its increasing popularity, we’ve noticed that more glazing isn’t always the answer people are searching for. Some homeowners want a minimalist touch to their glazing, which is why we made styles that aren’t just there to maximise the glazing’s surface area, although we cater to that too! From minimalist designs like our Calva style from the Urban collection straight through to the generously glazed Lingmell, we cater to the entire spectrum of tastes and architectural needs. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or crave abundant natural light, there’s a glass size to suit every property and personal preference.

Finding The Balance Between Style, Privacy, and Natural Light: One of the first concerns that people have with using a larger volume of surface area glazing is that the balance between privacy and natural light is massively out of proportion. With that in mind, it’s why we rolled out different glass style that has unique effects on the light that passes through them. For example, the Autumn and Charcoal style has a ripple effect on light that almost censors indoor activity, whereas the Spring, Satin, and Virtue completely blur out the light passing through, meaning that nobody can see what’s happening inside and ample light can still enter your home.

Customisation through Decorative Glass Designs:

Beyond size, our collection of decorative glass patterns offers a plethora of customising options. Whether you like elaborate grandeur or modern simplicity, our collection offers a variety of solutions to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entry while retaining privacy and style. With that in mind, our interactive page on glass styles demonstrates exactly what the inside of your home looks like from an outside perspective, as well as a preview of our wide selection of glazing options.