Composite Doors in Haddington

Composite doors have the strength and security you need for your home in Haddington. With one of Endurance’s leading designs, you’ll enter a home that’s warmer, safer and more in your control.

Composite door designs are a step up on their rivals: instead of using one material, you’ll get a blend of several durable structures. These modern doors’ composite materials, including uPVC and a solid timber core, combine together to create a dense entrance with superb insulation for your Haddington home.

With a composite door, you’ll also protect what matters most to you. Your entrance will be incredibly secure. You won’t only benefit from the sturdy timber core, but the uPVC and innovative Moisture Barrier System will protect it from the weather. As a result, the frame won’t weaken or expose your home to the elements.

Additionally, the uPVC and solid timber core preserve the style and performance of your door. Because of this, you’ll be able to rely on innovative multi-point locking systems and Secured By Design-approved hardware for decades to come.

Choose leading composite doors for your Haddington home with Endurance. We’ve been supplying our stunning doors across Haddington and the rest of Scotland for years. Each entrance we provide goes through the same quality tests, features superb embedded locking systems, and materials built to last.

Not only do our composite doors help you protect your home, but they improve privacy too. Your door’s dense structure has superb sound insulation so that you can enjoy a warmer living space without distractions.

And your home will be far warmer with a composite door. If you have an old entrance, then it could be losing a lot of heat inside your home. Not only that, but an entry with weak insulation can allow cold air to replace it, making your living space uncomfortable in the winter months.

Composite doors have outstanding insulation, though, to the point where they can do a lot of the work of your central heating. As a result, you can stay warm while saving money on energy bills, and decreasing your carbon footprint too!

Endurance Composite Doors

Classic Collection

Our classic collection of composite doors has everything you need for a traditional home in Haddington. The designs take inspiration from Georgian and Victorian doors, but we’ve updated it for today. Now, you’ll get a door that blends old and new seamlessly.

With 20 stylish doors to choose from, you won’t be short on choice. Also, you can select these doors in any colour or finish that you want, so that the entrance of your home reflects its personality. Make an investment that lasts with our timeless composite doors.

Classic Collection Composite Doors
Urban Collection Composite Doors

Urban Collection

Our urban collection of composite doors is ideal for modern spaces in Haddington. Choose from 10 trendy, up-to-date designs that can bring any home into the future. You’ll get a choice of stunning features, like chrome and stainless steel handles, as well as knockers and letterboxes.

Not only that, but you’ll get the freedom to choose any colour or finish you want for the design. With a durable composite blend, you’ll get the efficiency and security of tomorrow – today.

Country Collection

Our country collection of composite doors allows you to bring nature closer to your Haddington home. These designs evoke traditional timber designs and have the same handcrafted approach. You can invest in earth-tone finishes that won’t lose their shine for decades, giving you an entrance that lasts.

With their timeless appeal, they are ideal for cottages and homes off the beaten track, but they work just as well in the middle of town. Make an excellent first impression with an entrance from Endurance.

Country Collection Composite Doors
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Composite Door Benefits

Composite Door Colours

We offer an endless range of colours for our composite doors in Haddington. You’ll have the choice of bold RAL colours and authentic wood grain finishes, neither of which will fade, rust or wear down over time.

Your composite door will be fully weatherproof, protecting the colours in your door from any harm. And, whatever home you live in, we offer a colour match option so you can blend your new entrance in seamlessly.

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Urban Door Hardware

Composite Door Accessories

At Endurance, we know no two homes are ever the same. That’s why, when you choose one of our composite doors for your home in Haddington, you can select from our full range of accessories to create a unique entrance.

We have stylish knockers, handles and letterboxes available in gold, chrome and stainless steel options. Also, you can add a catflap to your door, so your favourite members of the family get a new entrance to themselves too.

Composite Door Security

Security is our top priority at Endurance. That’s why our composite doors have Secured By Design approved hardware. You’ll be able to trust these doors to create a barrier between the world and what matters most to you.

Your composite door will give you 24/7 protection, with multi-point locking systems, Ultion cylinders and ABS Ultimate systems available too. That way, you won’t have to worry about an intruder getting into your living space again.

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Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home. We’ll also share your design with up to 3 members of our Installer Partner Network who can offer you a custom quote, based on your exact specifications.

Alternatively, you can contact your Local Installer Partner using our ‘Find an Installer’ search.

Etna Classic Composite Door

Composite Door Prices Haddington

Have you considered composite doors from Endurance for your Haddington home?

Start by using our online door designer tool to explore Endurance’s endless range of entrances, and create a customised composite door for your home! We can provide an online quote within seconds for any design.

To find out more about our composite doors, fill out our online contact form, and our expert team will offer their knowledge and advice!

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