Composite Doors Luton

Welcome people to your Luton home in style with some of the best composite doors on the market. Our front door range is manufactured with some of the finest materials, matched with the finest workmanship and service. Within our profile, we use the finest uPVC, and timber materials, covering them with a laminated door skin. This door also boasts a robust acrylic layer which helps it to maintain its quality after constant exposure to the changeable Bedfordshire weather.

An Endurance composite door offers far more benefits than the nearest competitor. The Luton homeowner can expect advanced security and increased thermal retention as standard, letting them feel safe and warm within their property. Our range of modern front door designs doesn’t compromise on functionality over style. Our three composite door collections are heavily customisable, complementing every Luton property perfectly. Add an elegant and high-performance replacement door as standard when you invest in Endurance.

Composite Door Benefits

Composite Door Colours

At Endurance, we offer the Luton homeowner a vast palette of colours for our composite doors. Whatever style of door you choose, or whatever your type of property, we will have the right front door that will celebrate your style. The Luton homeowner can choose bright and bold shades in a dual colour or opt for more muted tones and colour match the inside and outside of your door. Whatever your dream door may look like, the Endurance team has the experience to help make it a reality. Every Luton homeowner will want their front door to showcase their individual tastes, and we want your door to do just that.

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Composite Door Accessories

Colour is not the only way you can customise your door to refine its style and functionality. The Luton homeowner can choose from a wide range of accessories includes handles, knockers and letterboxes in styles such as stainless steel and chrome, perfectly matching your property. Your door will stand out from the rest of the street with our range of optional features. Once you’ve perfected your ideal composite door, you’ll enjoy quality that’s built to last as well as our 10-year guarantee. If in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your door, we will endeavour to fix it for you.

Composite Door Security

After your front door installation in your Luton home, you should enjoy the complete peace of mind that your property is protected. What makes our door range stand out from others on the market is the Secured by Design certification it holds. In order to hold this certification, our front doors are tested to resist the latest and most advanced forced entry attempts on your property. With the ABS Ultimate locking cylinder available, you’ll bring the security of your Luton home into the 21st-century. Feel secure with your investment when you choose Endurance’s quality composite doors.

Build Your Door



Endurance Doors are made bespoke for you. With a variety of glazing, hardware and locking mechanisms available, you are sure to design the perfect composite door for you and your home.



Find your perfect balance of style and privacy.


Elevate your entrance with high quality hardware.


Secure your style with our high performance locks.

Endurance Composite Doors

Classic Collection

The Classic composite door collection boasts designs inspired by the Victorian and Georgian eras. Its vintage charm is perfect for older Luton properties due to their classic and elegant design. This door isn’t limited solely to older Bedfordshire properties, adding a touch of character to the exterior. This door combines a traditional aesthetic with state-of-the-art design, creating a composite door that works perfectly for you.

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Urban Collection

If you have a modern Luton home, you may want to consider one of our Urban collection composite doors. The ten unique door styles are built with the latest trends in mind, offering an appeal that suits any Bedfordshire home. This door can be heavily customised to retain or reinvent your the existing look and feel of your property. With accessories, colours and glass styles to choose from, you can create the perfect door for your modern home.

Country Collection

The Country collection composite door brings a rustic feel that will add character to your Luton home. You’ll enjoy all the modern benefits you would expect from our latest front doors but with an authentic aesthetic. As standard, you’ll never have to customise on style over performance by choosing Endurance. These shiplap style front doors ideally suit wood finishes for a traditional look. However, they equally look good in modern tones like Duck Egg Blue. As with all our front door styles, we combine stunning style with intuitive functionality.

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Avantal doors seamlessly blend robust construction with
elegant design, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and lasting
performance. With an array of customisable options,
Avantal doors offer homeowners the opportunity to
personalise their entryways to match their unique tastes
and architectural preferences. Engineered with cutting-
edge technology and premium materials, these doors
provide exceptional protection against intruders and the
elements, granting homeowners peace of mind.

Build Your Door

Composite Door Prices Luton

If you’re looking for a replacement front door for your Luton home, look no further than Endurance’s superior composite door styles. With so many customisable options to choose from, we’re sure to have the right design for you.

Use our innovative online door designer tool to start creating your dream front door, and you will receive a composite door cost in minutes.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. Our expert team is always happy to help.

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