Composite Fire Doors

Composite Fire Doors

FD30S composite fire doors are available from Endurance. These are an excellent way to keep your property safer and protect your loved ones from harm. Our doors are physically tested by a global fire safety certification body against a temperature-controlled furnace to make sure they achieve this standard and are able to keep you and your family safe.

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The FD stands for fire door, and the 30 denotes the minimum amount of time in minutes that the door can withstand a blaze for. The S means that our composite doors have been fitted with a smoke seal. They are the perfect external fire doors to keep your loved ones and property safe.


We offer composite fire doors in one of our most popular designs. The McKinley door style is part of our Classic Collection, making it an elegant, timeless choice for traditional and modern homes alike. You can design your composite door in any of our wide range of colours with a discreet white frame. Whether you’re looking for on-trend Anthracite Grey, vibrant Rich Red or many more in between, you won’t have to compromise on aesthetics over performance with our fire doors.

You can precision-engineer the appearance of your composite fire door to the same exceptional standards as its performance.

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You can refine your design down to the most important details to complement your home’s appeal while also protecting it from fire hazards. The McKinley door is available with a built-in spyhole, plus any knocker or lever/lever handle you choose from our vast range of hardware accessories. Our doors are outfitted with the AV2 multi-point locking mechanism to resist forced entry attempts as well as fire risks. Combine style and functionality to enhance the look and feel of your home with an Endurance composite fire door, designed and manufactured precisely for you.    

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The Benefits of a Composite Fire Door

Precision-Engineered Fire Safety

Endurance FD30S fire doors feature a Rehau outer frame. Physically strong and impressively engineered, it adds an intumescent seal around the door which will expand under heat and is created with fire-proof construction methods.

In the event of an emergency, you need to make sure that your door opens and closes easily and dependably. Our high-performance composite fire doors feature die-cast alloy lever/lever handles that will stand the test of time and surely perform under pressure.

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endurance abs locking cylinder

All-Round Performance

Our FD30S composite fire doors may specialise in this particular area of keeping your home safe, but that doesn’t mean they compromise other key elements of their design. There are many advantages you would expect from Endurance doors, including improved energy efficiency and advanced security, and these are provided in addition to fire resistance.

Endurance fire doors feature AV2 multi-point locking mechanisms and a striking, eye-catching aesthetic that is sure to impress. That means you can enjoy style and performance without compromise, and with total peace of mind when you choose our fire doors.

Versatile Functionality

Fire doors are the perfect way to protect your property from one of the most physically and emotionally destructive events you can experience. As such, choosing a fire-proof door can be one of the most important and beneficial investments you can make for your home.

With composite fire doors, you can protect every entrance and exit of your property to leave no area exposed. For example, our FD30S fire doors are often fitted as integral garage doors to shield often overlooked weak points of your living space.

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Our composite fire doors are tested by Efectis, global leaders in fire safety accreditation. They ensure our profiles are rigorously tested in the areas that matter most. Our composite doors are put through fire tests to assess how well they retain their protective properties, how much energy is needed to ignite them, and the amount of smoke produced.

Our fire doors are therefore manufactured to ensure they meet and exceed the expected standards.

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Endurance composite doors are tested to measure the fire resistance of a single leaf door when mounted into a concrete supporting construction. The direction of the fire affects the opening side and the opposite side as well, so you can rest assured that they are comprehensively assessed and accredited for you and your family’s safety.

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Accredited Composite Fire Doors

If you would like to find out more about the specifications and performance of our fire doors that were tested to earn this certification, please download our fire test report. Find out how our designs meet EN 1363-1: 2020 approval from global fire safety experts.

Fire Door Performance Report




Composite doors are more advanced than those made from singular materials, combining high-performance components for exceptional results. Composite fire doors improve on this with expert manufacturing techniques for a superior result.

Not all composite doors are fire rated, so you can rely on Endurance to manufacture and install these profiles to the required specifications.

Our composite fire doors are finished with a foiled PVC skin that is durable and robust. This protects your door from wear and tear, as well as providing a natural and authentic woodgrain effect. Endurance fire doors will retain their aesthetic even after heavy use over time.

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3mm bowing guarantee composite doors


FD30S composite fire doors are created by adding an intumescent seal around the door. The Rehau S706 outer frame is manufactured by us with a 70mm profile that utilises the Rauferno fire-resistant door frame construction method, sealing between the steel reinforcing and the wall the door is fitted to.

We apply intumescent tape to our door mouldings before pressing the skins, and also apply this around critical areas of the frame to stop the welds from breaking quickly. All of these improvements allows us to meet a FD30s rated fire door.

Composite doors are made of a selection of materials fused together, resulting in a profile that outclasses single material doors and counteracts any issues they often suffer with. Our composite fire doors will eliminate draughts, keep your home moisture free and provide a stunning enhancement to your property.

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Composite Fire Door Prices

The McKinley composite door looks and performs exquisitely as Endurance’s FD30S fire door. Comprehensively tested to withstand exposure to sustained flaming on both sides and keep the amount of smoke produced to a minimum, our composite doors are an excellent investment for total peace of mind.

If protecting your home and loved ones from fire is a priority, then our composite fire doors are the ideal solution. Design your new door to look and feel the way you want it to, with a vast range of colour and hardware options available. No matter how you want your design to look, you can rest assured that our fire doors perform exceptionally well across the board with accreditation you can trust.

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