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French Doors & Double Doors

Comparing Composite Door Styles

What is the difference between French doors and double doors? For many homeowners, they may not be aware that there is a difference, never mind what that difference is. Generally, French doors feature large glazed panels and are often used as an alternative to classic patio doors. Double doors, meanwhile, are most often larger versions of these doors with minimal or no glazing, and can feature in commercial as well as residential properties.

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At Endurance, our composite doors are available in both French and double door styles for your home. If you’re thinking of investing in either, it’s important to understand what the differences are so you can find the right fit. Are you looking for striking double doors for the entrance of your property, or do you need stunning glazed French doors to connect your home and garden? Whatever you’re looking for, Endurance Doors has the perfect solution for you.

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Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home.

Advantages of Composite Doors

Whether you choose French doors or double doors from Endurance, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a new composite door for your home, courtesy of the experts at Endurance. We manufacture our doors to the highest standards, both single and double, including any variations. That way, you can be sure that you will receive exceptional results for your home every time.

Compared to doors made from a single material like uPVC or timber, composite doors are made from multiple, and therefore provide more benefits for you and your home.

Endurance composite doors stand out from the crowd even more, being 10% thicker than others on the market and featuring a solid timber core. This makes them a tough and durable physical barrier against any potential intruders.

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Composite French Doors

Open Up Your Home

French doors, more so than double doors, allow you to open up your home to natural light. They feature large glazed panels and are often installed as patio doors, letting you connect your inside and outside living spaces seamlessly. Conversely, double doors most often look more akin to traditional front or back doors, featuring minimal glazing if any at all. With French doors, you need to make sure they keep your home warm and safe, even with their vast glazed panels.

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That’s where the benefits of composite French doors shine through. Their toughness and resilience means potential intruders will be kept at bay, unable to break through the sledgehammer-proof door. As you connect your interior and exterior spaces, you also need to make sure that your French doors are able to resist the elements. Our weatherproof composite doors feature watertight seals to prevent water ingress and condensation, and this will even keep your home warmer to save on heating bills.

Composite French Doors

Bespoke Style

French doors are an elegant option for homeowners across the country, and they are soaring in popularity as a replacement for traditional patio doors to connect your home to your garden or balcony in style. Composite French doors have many advantages over classic uPVC French and sliding patio doors, with their strength, security and thermal efficiency. But these high performance features don’t mean that you have to compromise on their highly sought-after charming style.

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Endurance’s composite French doors provide a range of style options for your bespoke look. You can refine your design with an array of hardware accessories, including your choice of handles, knockers and letter plates in various finishes to complement your overall aesthetic. In addition, you can choose from our glazing styles to make the most of the vast glazed areas, and stay in complete control of your privacy and the amount of light you let into your living space.

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Fully Fitted Composite Doors
Composite Double Doors

Create A Striking Entrance

It’s important to make a strong first impression, and our double doors do just that. While they were once most often featured in commercial properties, they are soaring in popularity for homeowners too. Their eye-catching look and reliable performance make them one of the most modern investments you can make for your home, and composite double doors from Endurance stand above the rest.

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Our double doors are impressive when it comes to performance as well as aesthetics. Though they may often feature minimal or at least less glazing than French doors, that doesn’t mean you have any less scope for customisation. You can complete the look of your dream double door with handles, knockers and letter plates in your chosen finish to really boost your home’s kerb appeal.

Composite Double Doors

Highly Secure

Our timber core composite doors lend themselves perfectly to double door styles. These doors are a popular choice for those looking to maximise their home’s security, which makes Endurance’s designs the perfect choice. We thoroughly test our double doors and French doors alike to make sure they meet the latest standards of security required to keep your loved ones safe. That way, you can be sure that whichever you choose, you’ll have total peace of mind.

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Endurance’s double doors are secure against potential intruders and the elements as well. You’ll find your home holds onto its heat much better and doesn’t suffer from cold air breaching your living space with a new composite door installed. Choose composite double doors to protect your home from all kinds of weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities compared to other materials. Invest in a high-performance solution to all your needs when you design your bespoke double door online.

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Composite French Door & Double Door Designer

Are you looking to enhance the style and performance of your property with a stunning French door or striking double door? Whether you’re keen to catch the eye of passers-by at the front of your home or connect your inside living space with your garden, we have the perfect solution.

French doors and double doors are both excellent investments for you and your home. When you choose these composite styles, expertly manufactured by Endurance, you’ll enjoy benefits far and above the features from others on the market. Outperform uPVC or timber products with our composite French doors and composite double doors.

Ready to design your dream door? Use our innovative online door designer to choose your chosen style and start customising to refine your perfect aesthetic. Complement any home, whether classic or contemporary, with double and French doors from Endurance.

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