Made to Measure Composite Doors

Composite doors are one of the highest quality made to measure home improvements you can choose for your property. They are a high-performance combination of uPVC, timber and laminated door skin. They also boast a robust acrylic layer that affords them improved weatherproofing capabilities and advanced thermal efficiency. With many benefits, our doors are made to measure and made for you.

Here at Endurance, we’re committed to providing superior composite doors for all homes. That’s why our composite doors are made to measure. Our designs are completely bespoke for your home so that they will perform highly all year round. With an Endurance composite door, your home will look and feel great with a fully personalised and made to measure installation that works for you.

Why Are the Benefits of a Made to Measure Composite Door?

Composite doors are an excellent choice for all homeowners, no matter what style of property you own or what your specifications may be. The benefits of a composite door are universal and universally beneficial, while the individual doors themselves are unique and made to measure. These include helping to keep your home warmer, more stylish and safer as a result of their efficient and durable build quality.

Our composite doors can be tailored uniquely for you. With our online door designer, you can create a front door that is bespoke for you and made to measure for your home. Refine every element of your new composite door, from the colour and finish to the glazing style and hardware accessories. Retain your home’s existing style or seize this opportunity to reinvent the look and feel of your property with a made to measure composite door that is made just for you.

What are the Benefits of a Made to Measure Composite Door?

The Door


When you think of a made to measure door, you may imagine a front door that is all about style over substance. But here at Endurance, we don’t compromise. Our composite doors are widely renowned in the industry and homes around the country alike for their strength, durability and reliability. We offer three distinct and distinctive collections of composite doors – Classic, Urban and Country – each of which brings a characterful look to any style of property.

While every one of our composite doors is heavily customisable and will be made to measure to perfectly suit your home, their build quality is outstanding across the board. All our front doors boast an impressive robust acrylic layer which performs as highly as its name suggests. Made to measure composite doors are made from the strongest and most durable materials available on the market today, so you can be sure of a superior home improvement installation. Your home will remain weatherproof, thermally efficient and secure against unwanted intruders all year round.

Composite Door Collections
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The Hardware

With our made to measure composite doors, you can customise and refine every element of your bespoke design. Your new front door will look and perform uniquely for you when you choose the hardware down to the smallest details. We offer a wide selection of handles, knockers and letterplates so your made to measure front door can look exactly the way you want. Add the finishing touch to your composite door and only improve its efficiency. With Endurance, you never have to compromise.

Composite doors are available in precisely unique specifications according to your needs, and the hardware accessories we offer are no exception. Whether your home is modern or traditional, choose the colour that’s right for you. Our made to measure composite doors can boast Gold, Black, Graphite or Chrome accessories. Here at Endurance, we will always have the right choice for you. With our expertise and market-leading connections, we can help you to create a composite door that is stylish, unique and high-performance, made to measure and perform for your home.

The Colours

When you opt for a made to measure composite door, you can choose exactly the reasons why your new front door will stand out from the others. One of the ways you can customise your door design is the colour and finish. The personal specifications of your door will be unique to you, from the size and style and finish to the accessories, as well as the look of your property you will need to match it to. Express your personality and give your home the aesthetic you’ve always wanted with our made to measure composite doors.

Composite doors can be crafted to look and feel precisely the way you want and need them to. From bold and beautiful pastel colours to more modern and muted tones, your made to measure front door will surely suit you and your home. At Endurance, we’re proud of all the doors we’ve crafted over the years. We know the importance of keeping your home uniquely yours, which is why we offer highly customisable and completely made to measure composite doors for your property.

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The Security

Endurance’s composite doors are made to measure for your home, but they are resilient and able to keep you and your loved ones safe universally. Our front doors contain additional layers of strengthened glass to give you total peace of mind with a protective barrier between you and any unwanted intruders. Our composite doors are built with your safety in mind as our main priority. The door profiles on our doors are proven even to be sledgehammer-proof!

All our Endurance made to measure composite doors are accredited with Secured by Design certification. This is part of a UK Police initiative responsible for rigorously testing doors against the latest forced entry attempts. The resilience and durability of our front doors is well known and famous among the industry and homeowners alike. A made to measure door from Endurance is a worthwhile investment that will be perfect for any home and perform highly and uniquely for you.

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Why Should you Choose a Made to Measure Composite Door?

Your front door is a statement about your home. It’s the first and often only aspect of your property that many visitors will see. Its colour, shape, style and finish need to say everything about you and your home, while also performing highly for you as a homeowner. That’s why a made to measure Endurance composite door is the ideal home improvement solution.

With our composite doors, you can have the best of both worlds. You will enjoy a front door that looks great to the outside world and makes your home inside even more comfortable. Our doors provide a wide range of benefits including improved weatherproofing, security and thermal efficiency. Whatever you want your door to achieve, our made to measure composite doors will be created precisely according to your specifications.

Composite doors are one of the most versatile home improvements available. With their choice of colours and glazing options, we’re sure that we have the ideal solution for your needs, whatever they may be. Choose a front door that looks as good as it performs, and performs uniquely for you and your needs.

When you choose a made to measure composite door, you know you will be making a sound investment. Not only will you save money on your heating bills with as a result of their thermal efficiency and save time on upkeep with our low maintenance profiles, but you will also only have to choose the design elements you want. If you want certain hardware accessories, select the styles and finishes that are right for you. Or, if you simply want a composite door without any extras, choose to save that money and invest it elsewhere.

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Classic Collection

While our made to measure composite doors are unique, there are several collections from which you can choose your door style as a starting point. The doors in our Classic collection are inspired by traditional Victorian and Georgian designs. The looks of these eras are timeless and most ideally suited for period properties. However, at Endurance, we’ve used to the latest state-of-the-art technologies to upgrade these traditional designs with advanced modern functionality.

As ever with Endurance, there’s no need to compromise. Your composite door will still be unique and made to measure when you choose one of these 20 classic styles, all of which are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Choose a stunning bespoke front door that lends a touch of timeless appeal to any property.

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Urban Collection

Modern homeowners will want to start the journey towards their made to measure composite door with the design in our Urban collection. Customise the glazing style for the look and functionality that’s right for you, such as diamond-shaped glazed panels to maximise your privacy and complement the truly modern look of these front doors. Browse the selection of 10 up-to-date styles to keep your home looking its best or even bring your traditional home into the 21st Century.

With a made to measure composite door from the Urban collection, you will be able to enjoy the very latest front door technologies and all the benefits these provide for your property. With fully customisable colours, finishes and glazing options, you can be sure to find the ideal composite door to complete the look and make your home stand out with a made to measure installation from Endurance.

Country Collection

The composite doors in our Country collection may look raw and rustic, but the design processes behind them are as advanced as any of our others. You can precision-engineer the look and feel of your creation to make it perform exactly the way you want. The Country collection boasts a handcrafted aesthetic, emphasising the process our made to measure composite doors go through, without compromising on the technical expertise that goes into them.

Country composite doors lend a distinctive style to your property. They bring a particular aesthetic and feel to homes in a similarly heritage style, while still offering the same superior levels of security and thermal efficiency that you would expect from a modern Endurance front door.

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Design Your Composite Door

Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home. We’ll also share your design with up to 3 members of our Installer Partner Network who can offer you a custom quote, based on your exact specifications.

Alternatively, you can contact your Local Installer Partner using our ‘Find an Installer’ search.

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How Much Does a Made to Measure Composite Door Cost?

If you’re looking for the perfect composite door for your home, we can help you create a made to measure front door that meets all your unique specifications and fulfils your every need. With the experience and expertise of the team at Endurance, we can craft the home improvement solution that’s right for you.

Use our innovative door designer tool to create your made to measure Endurance door today. Customise the size, shape and style of your composite door to design an attractive and functional new entrance point for your home. You can also fill in our online contact form if you would like some more advice. We will answer any questions you may have.

With our wide range of composite doors and vast array of customisation options, we’re sure to have the right fit that’s made to measure for you.

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