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How Secure Are uPVC Back Doors?

For many homeowners, the security of a front door is a top priority. But it’s all too easy to overlook the strengths and potential vulnerabilities of a back door. This weakness is far too often exploited by potential intruders looking to gain easy access to a property. What’s more, you can let down the overall performance of your property with a poor uPVC back door, whether this has suffered over time or is simply not up to scratch from the moment it is installed.

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No matter how your uPVC back door may be letting you down, consider replacing it with a composite door instead. Endurance doors are stunning and high performance at the front or back of your property, and they are a true upgrade compared to traditional uPVC front and back doors.

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Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home.

Composite Back Doors

Highly Secure

Homeowners pay most attention to their front door, as this is what most passers-by will see and it feels like the most important investment to make for a property. In comparison, uPVC back doors aren’t in the public eye as much if at all, and they are only usually seen by friends and family when they come to visit. But potential intruders understand this, and they know that this potential oversight can make uPVC back doors an all too tempting weakness to exploit.

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Composite doors are soaring in popularity as the front and back doors of choice. Where uPVC back doors were seen as a cost-effective and for many, the only option, Endurance are able to offer this true upgrade for the rear of your property. They are inherently strong, with a solid timber core and manufactured from multiple materials under pressure for exceptional results. In addition, they are fitted with the latest locking mechanisms including the intelligent ABS cylinder for total peace of mind.

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Composite Back Doors

Thermally Efficient

Just as outdated uPVC back doors can have the unfortunate potential to let people into your property, they can also allow cold air to breach into your living space and let warm air escape from your home as well. This means you’ll have to spend more on your heating bills to keep your home cosy. As a result, uPVC back doors are not the most thermally efficient investment you can make.

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In comparison, composite doors are much more energy efficient than uPVC back doors. As a much thicker thermal barrier, they trap the much-needed warm air inside your home and keep cold air at bay outside. Plus, with Endurance’s innovative Moisture Barrier System, our doors prevent water ingress much more effectively than uPVC back doors. This means they won’t warp or rot either, ensuring optimal performance for many years to come.

Composite Back Doors

Bespoke Style

For many homeowners who have always had only a uPVC back door and made no attempt to change its look and feel, they may not think that there are many style possibilities. With Endurance, this isn’t the case. uPVC back doors often feature a distinctive aesthetic of white uPVC with little to no embellishment or decorative features. Although these doors most likely won’t see as much traffic as your front door, you’ll still be welcoming friends and family through the rear of your property. That’s why it’s important to consider back door style too.

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If style is something you’re looking to improve from your existing uPVC back door, then a new composite door could be the perfect solution. With three stylish and high performance collections to choose from, full of designs that can be customised further to suit your tastes and complement your home, we’re sure to have the perfect fit for you. Endurance composite doors provide exceptional style options without compromising on security. If you have a uPVC back door, you may feel like you have to decide between the two. This is not the case when you invest in replacing your uPVC back door with a composite door.

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Composite Back Doors From Endurance

With a composite back door, you’ll have a more stylish, secure and expertly installed rear entrance and exit for your home. If you have an underperforming uPVC back door, replace it with a stylish, secure and strong composite door from Endurance.

Whether you’re looking for security or bespoke customisation, we have the solution without compromising on either. Design your composite back door with us today to replace your uPVC back door and enjoy all the benefits they provide. Choose from our three collections and refine your style with colours, finishes and accessories to complete the look.

Replace your uPVC back door with a striking new composite door from Endurance for a true upgrade to your property. Get a more secure back door for your home. Design your dream door today.

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