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Are uPVC Doors More Secure?

uPVC doors are a modern option that is cost-effective and therefore a popular choice for many homeowners. However, cutting-edge composite doors are a superior alternative and an excellent investment that many homeowners are making. If you’re looking to find how secure uPVC doors are compared to composite doors, uPVC does not provide the same levels of protection for your home and your loved ones. There are many other factors to consider alongside security as well, to help you make the right choice.

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When you’re choosing a new front door, there are so many different options available. One of the most significant and important decisions you can make is what material your door will be manufactured from. Two of the most popular choices are composite and uPVC doors, but what are the differences between the two and how can you decide which is the right fit for your home?

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Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home.

What Makes Composite Doors Secure?

Endurance composite doors provide enhanced style, strength and security without compromise. This makes them one of the most popular options for homeowners on the market today. Even more so than other composite doors, those manufactured by Endurance are 10% thicker than most others available, making them an even better investment. This gives them inherent strength and durability to improve upon their already impressive security with advanced locking mechanisms.

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If you’re considering a uPVC front door vs a composite door, you will most likely want to consider if it is as secure. While uPVC is a tougher material than wooden or timber doors, it is still only manufactured from a single material. Composite doors, meanwhile, are expertly crafted from uPVC with a solid timber core and laminated door skin, as well as an innovative Moisture Barrier System (MBS). This makes them a much stronger option compared to uPVC and other single-material doors.

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Composite vs uPVC Doors

Tough and Durable

uPVC doors are a stronger and more secure option than some other door styles on the market, but not in comparison to composite doors. When you choose the latter, particularly from Endurance, you’re getting the benefit of multiple materials for many more benefits and improved levels of strength. As a physical barrier between your loved ones and any unwanted intruders, uPVC front doors are around 28mm thick on average.

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In comparison, Endurance doors are 48mm thick – that’s 10% thicker than other composite doors on the market and more than 50% thicker than most uPVC doors. This provides a much tougher barrier to resist forced entry attempts, and our composite doors are even sledgehammer proof.

Composite vs uPVC Doors

Safe and Secure

There is more to composite and uPVC door security than the profile itself. Both doors can be fitted with locking mechanisms to enhance this further. However, the range of locks available for composite doors significantly outnumbers those available for uPVC doors. Endurance doors are fitted with the ABS cylinder, which is as state of the art as our composite doors themselves.

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With a composite door, you have total peace of mind that your home is as safe as it can be. Thanks to active snap protection and anti-pick and anti-drill pins, the ABS cylinder responds when it comes under attack and shuts down forced entry attempts quickly and effectively. While uPVC doors can be fitted with similarly advanced locks, they will come at any additional cost. What’s more, in the event that the locking mechanism should fail, you won’t have such a tough physical barrier in place to fall back on with a less secure uPVC door compared to composite designs.

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Security and Style without Compromise

For some homeowners, security is not such a pressing concern as the style of their new door. In that case, they could consider a uPVC door to be the perfect solution. That’s because uPVC front doors are sometimes known to be one of the most easily customisable profiles on the market, allowing good levels of customisation to get a bespoke design, regardless of any additional security features.

However, with Endurance, we make sure you don’t have to compromise when it comes to style over security. Our composite doors are available just as bespoke as uPVC doors, if not more so.

We offer Classic, Urban and Country Collections, and each of these can be customised further with colours, finishes, hardware accessories and more, to create your dream door. This means you’ll get the bespoke appearance you want from a uPVC door alongside the resilience and advanced locking systems that Endurance doors are renowned for. Enjoy style and security without compromise every time.

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Expertly Manufactured by Endurance

If you think a secure uPVC door is the right choice for your home, you will most likely want to consider a composite door instead. Whether you’re looking for the strongest, most secure and stylish front door, everything that a uPVC door can provide, an Endurance composite door is able to offer in abundance, to a higher standard. Design your door online today. 

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Go beyond the benefits of a secure uPVC door and choose a resilient, durable and stylish composite door for your home. Design your door with us using our innovative designer tool. Choose the collection that best suits your home and create your custom design. Make your home as secure as possible and keep your loved ones safe and sound when you invest in an Endurance composite door.

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