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A Carbon Balanced Business In Partnership With Carbon Neutral Britain

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One of our company missions here at Endurance Doors is to take full control over our responsibility in caring for the environment. In our fight against climate change, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that every single door we manufacture and install leaves the world in a better place. In tandem with our eco-friendly approach, we’ve partnered ourselves as a corporate supporter and benefactor of Carbon Neutral Britain.


Our working partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain has led to monumental shifts in the environmental landscape of countries that need it most. With the charity’s aim of creating waves of infrastructural developments to help reduce our carbon footprint and cut down pollution. To date, this partnership has allowed us to support the funding of Hydroelectric powerplants which provide a renewable and sustainable source of energy in Chile. We’ve helped fund the provision of solar panels to build an entire windfarm in Mongolia as well as replace the lighting for many Indian homes with energy-efficient light bulbs. Although this relationship was a recent development in the grand scheme of our company’s history, sustainability has been at the forefront of our priorities as a company for over 2 decades.

Ever since our start on a 4-acre patch of land in Lincolnshire, we’ve had a 22 year long green promise and we intend to keep our word. Even on a micro-scale level, we’ve fine-tuned our manufacturing process with the understanding that although there is no way to manufacture a product that has no carbon footprint, each composite door has energy saving features that create a lasting effect that not only offsets the foot print it’s made, but creates a compound effect over time that does more for the environment. Each Endurance Composite Door is made from wood that’s traceable back to Northern Rainforests, where each tree is then replaced with 4 others and none of our waste will ever be sent to landfills.

All of which is suffice to say that much like our composite doors, although we cannot promise to create a completely carbon-free manufacturing process, we not only offset our own carbon emissions, but we give back to the environment
tenfold over what we take on a global scale. So why are we doing all this? Like we’ve said, our mission is to take full control over our responsibility to the environment and we intend to do so with the fullest extent of our capabilities. Our sustainability pledge means that we will partner with governmental organisations, work alongside our suppliers and consumers to not only reduce environmental impact, but give back more than what we take from our environment. We have an extensive amount of learning resources on our website if you’re interested in learning more about our efforts to make the world a greener place, or if you’re interested, you can click here to learn about our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain.