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A History Of Humble Beginnings – Endurance Doors

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As the years have flown by, we’ve found a home in the home renovation industry. As the fenestration sector has grown, we grew with it and found our footing as one of the leading suppliers of composite doors and we couldn’t be more proud as a company. Founded on principles of security, sustainability, and aesthetic excellence, we’ve managed to build a network of like-minded partnerships that span across the UK.

How It All Started: Here at Endurance Doors, our humble beginnings started on a small 4-acre plot of land, and from our modest start, we scaled to a network of close to 2000 installers nationwide. As proud as we are of the history we’ve cultivated along the way, we take just as much pride in the collection of like-minded people we’ve surrounded ourselves with. The start of our journey would never have been possible without our installer network. You can find any of our friends in the installation business within a few clicks on our site.

How It Went: By the time we’d started to build a strong community of installers, we’d already begun looking into development within ourselves as a company, asking ourselves the important questions. How can our composite be the best on the market? How can we give back to the community? How can we be more sustainable? After asking ourselves these questions, we finally figured out exactly who we are as a company.

We do more than just “make doors”. We keep families safe at night with a composite door that can withstand a battering ram. We’re benefactors, supporters, and partners of charities that have changed entire architectural landscapes for countries that need it most. We’re not just a supplier, we’re a frontier of research and development that explores the most advanced locking systems on the market, we explore every possible option for boosting sustainability, and we push every limit that no other company cares to even think about because that’s who we are.


How it’s going: As Endurance Doors continues to grow and evolve, so do our lore and achievements. We’ve won awards, the likes of which include 2 National Fenestration Awards, we’ve featured celebrities across many of the site’s pages and grew to a never-before-seen scale in our history. As of writing this blog, we’ve now made 4 strong ranges of composite doors, with 8 different colour collections, in a series of different styles and a wide range of locking mechanisms. All of which hasn’t even touched on their performance in security and energy efficiency. 


Sustainability at the Core: Deep in our company’s philosophy is a commitment to giving back everything we take and more. We’re well aware that it’s almost impossible to build a door without carbon emissions which is why we’ve made it a point to give back more than what we take. With every tree we use as material, we’ve planted 4 more. Our working partnership as beneficiaries of Carbon Neutral Britain has allowed to us contribute towards sustainable energy in developing countries and we heavily encourage sustainable practices within our factories, offices, and showrooms.


Giving to our community: As we’ve touched on earlier, we built a network of close to 2000 installers, and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. This is why we made it a point to provide more than just a supplier/installer relationship with the community of installers we’ve made. We provide marketing training, marketing assets and assistance for our installer network, as well as a direct line of communication and support with every project they work on.


In the end: Our journey from a small plot of land to a leading force in the home improvement industry is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and sustainability. With a focus on quality craftsmanship, eco-friendly practices, and collaborative partnerships, Endurance Doors continues to set the standard for excellence in door design and manufacturing.


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