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Endurance Composite Doors vs Aluminium Front Doors

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Here at Endurance, we’ve kept a close eye on the home improvement and home renovation industry and we’ve found that with the rising trend in modern homes, the demand for aluminium products has had a steep uptrend which reflects modern day design choices.

As a company, we’ve always sought to give our clients exactly what they wanted and more, so in this article we’ll be looking at an aluminium front doors’ design and a composite door’s functionality and how the Avantal Range can give you both and more.

Avantal Black Hardware

Aluminium front doors have had a rise in popularity as of late thanks to their modern design style. With sleek profiles and an almost industrial aesthetic to them, aluminium doors are a minimalist’s first choice when it comes to contemporary living. Their overall point of attraction is their aesthetics and design functionality. However, their biggest drawback is that metal is a very good conductor of heat, meaning that in the cold seasons, they allow heat to pass through with an alarming effectivity. This makes them perform poorly when it comes to energy efficiency and their overall performance in being environmentally friendly is abysmal in comparison to composite doors.

That being said, composite doors have risen in the ranks for their durability, security and energy efficiency. Comprising as a composite combination of timber, upvc and insulation, composite doors stand the test of time when it comes to weather resistance, shock absorbance and best of all, they’re environmentally friendly. Not only due to their energy efficient properties, but here at endurance, as part of our green promise, we’ve sourced our timber from northern rainforests that aren’t in danger of deforestation and we’ve pledged to replace every tree we cut down with 4 more.

So how do we balance between the aluminium aesthetics and the benefits of composite front doors? Well, we’re proud to put a spotlight on our Avantal Range. These doors walk the tight rope between both aluminium and composite doors. Unlike the usual composite doors with a wood grain finish, the Avantal Range goes in the complete opposite direction. Offering a matte smooth skin finish as opposed to mimicking wood, The Avantal Range instead mimics the sleekness of aluminium without compromising on the energy efficiency, security, and durability that Endurance Composite Doors are renowned for.

The aesthetics that come with The Avantal Range come with colour customisation that is inspired by industrial materials and offer design styles that are second to none in the door manufacturing business, offering classic looks like Black Ulti–Matt, anthracite Grey, and Signal Grey which all contribute towards its unique sense of style that matches their home. All of that, coupled with the stainless steel range of components like mailboxes and door handles were carefully selected to meet any modern or contemporary home living designs. 

In terms of security and durability, The Avantal Range leaves nothing on the table. Backed by Endurance’s £2000 guarantee, and armed with Endurance’s full range of multipoint locking systems, Avantal still stands as one of the leading choices when it comes to home security.

In other words, as opposed to thinking about which is the better half out of composite doors and aluminum, it’s an easier question to ask “how can we get the best of both worlds?” and the answer is Avantal.