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Lower your average electricity bills

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How can we reduce our average energy bills?

Reducing your average electricity bills does not begin and end with the front door alone. It is a combined and conscious effort involving:

  • Searching for the best energy deals online
  • Observing eco-friendly consumption practices such as turning off lights when leaving a room
  • Other home improvements such as insulation, double glazing, more efficient electrical appliances, and renewable energy sources.

Our process and ethos are driven by energy concerns

At every stage of design, development and manufacturing, Endurance composite doors are built around quality and performance. Meticulous thought has gone into our process allowing us to provide a product that is solid, secure and stylish but also purpose-built with energy in mind.

Across our range, we are committed to offering doors that enhance security, promote healthy eco-friendly practices, and improve acoustic and thermal insulation. Made right here in the UK, our solid 48mm timber core door slabs comprise a 17-layer Kerto Laminated Veneer Lumber structure. This design makes them incredibly strong and stable while also generating desirable energy-efficient properties.

What this means for you and your average electricity bills:

Our approach to making doors is naturally consumer-led while also paying close attention to our carbon footprint and the ways in which we can collectively help to reduce our adverse human impact on the environment.

In creating a product with high thermal performance, we empower our customers to take control of their energy bills. Solid timber designs and a range of double and triple-glazing options mean our doors have an impressively low U-value. This equates to lower heat transfer through the surface and ultimately lower average electricity bills in your home. With the warmth trapped in and the cold kept out there’s simply no need to crank the heating and you can rest easy as your meter readings cool off.

A mutually beneficial system

At Endurance Doors we believe the perceived trade-off between saving money and saving the planet needs reassessing. Our quality composite design and expert fitting service ensure maximum thermal performance, saving you money on your electricity bills while simultaneously saving the planet from harmful emissions caused by excessive energy use. This is why we are diligent in our environmental procedures and ensure our operation is sustainable and responsible at every level from replanting trees to recycling all of our materials.

The individual behavioural change needed to tackle climate change effectively shouldn’t break the bank. Instead, it should be incentivised through a system that saves you money in the long run. For more information about the multiple ways, simple fixes and home improvements like upgrading doors can save you money on your electricity bills click here. To learn more about our energy-efficient composite doors simply give us a call at 01652 340340.