Strong and Stable to the Core

Strong and Stable to the Core

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The winter months are not famed for their pleasant weather, which can have a detrimental effect on certain parts of the home. This is the time of year when lots of solid timber core composite doors warp and swell for a number of reasons. This has proven to be a common factor across the market, much to the annoyance of installers who find themselves dealing with unhappy customers, negative reviews, and more time spent returning to completed jobs instead of selling.

The Endurance design has been manufactured to combat the common issues that cause a door to lose its structural integrity, allowing them to offer a door solution that brings installers a competitive edge. The main composite doors issues are addressed through an innovative and modern approach.

One of the main issues that installers have to face with composite doors is the fact that homes are heated from the interior, causing the inside face of the door to warm up while the exterior face is left open to the ice-cold air. Consequently, this can cause doors to twist and warp. To ensure this doesn’t happen to an Endurance composite door, a number of measures have been put in place throughout the door build.

The Endurance door features a solid timber core which has over 17 laminations, making it far less susceptible to twisting and warping than solid core alternatives with fewer laminations. The layers of an Endurance door are also cross layered, further improving their resistance to any warping. In order to demonstrate our confidence in the anti-warping qualities of the Endurance Door design, any slab that bows by more than 3mm with be replaced free of charge. Other manufacturers won’t act until a slab bows by more than double this amount.

A second issue that installers face is the fact the consistently wet conditions can cause water ingress at the foot of some solid timber core composite doors. In turn, water ingress leads to swelling which can cause the door to get stuck or refuse to close. To avoid this, the Endurance door design has a unique feature – an integrated Moisture Barrier strip at the foot of the door. The Moisture Barrier strip is made of RocFoam, a blown PVC product that is manufactured in-house by Rocal Extrusions – the plastic extrusion arm of the Rocal Group. The RocFoam Moisture Barrier System completely protects the timber core – making it highly resistant to swelling.

If you’re interested in becoming an Endurance Installer Partner and bringing the Endurance door to your business, call 01652 659 259 and ask to speak with the Marketing Team.

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