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The Hunter Sledgehammer Test

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Here at Endurance, we often boast about how strong and secure our composite doors are. However, you no longer have to just take our word for it! We recruited Gladiator, bodybuilder and all-round muscle man, James Crossley aka Hunter, to put our doors to the test. In our newest marketing video, you can see that even the strength of a Gladiator cannot defeat the Endurance door.

Armed with a sledgehammer and a reputation for taking on the fiercest competitors, Hunter set to work. First, we challenged him with a run-of-the-mill uPVC front door. As you can probably imagine, Hunter made light work of this style of door. The Gladiator smashed through the slab in seconds, which could be a real cause for concern to homeowners with a uPVC entrance.

Strong composite doors

Second on Hunter’s list of challengers was a GRP, foam filled composite door. Although this door style put up more of a fight than the uPVC contender, it was still no match for our Gladiator. In a few blows with his sledgehammer, the door slab had a substantial hole, meaning that it was certainly no longer secure. This poor performance goes to show that not all composite doors are equal.

Finally, the time came to put one of our own composite doors to the test. Despite the failures of the previous contenders, we still had total confidence in the Endurance door. We are thrilled to say that we were proven right. With its unique 48mm solid timber core, it’s really no surprise that even Hunter couldn’t beat the strength of an Endurance composite door.

After a heroic attempt at breaking down the Endurance door with his sledgehammer, even Hunter had to admit defeat. The door slab was barely dented, which is a remarkable contrast to the damage suffered by the uPVC and GRP alternatives. If you were at all unsure whether Endurance doors live up to their reputation for security and strength, this video is sure to put your mind at ease. Take a look for yourself here:

For a front door that even a Gladiator can’t defeat, come to Endurance. One of our composite doors will be a truly worthwhile addition to any home. Whether your property is modern, traditional, period, contemporary, rural or urban, we can offer a stunning entrance that is as secure as it is visually appealing. These quality doors are a lasting investment, offering unbeatable protection for your home and complete peace of mind.