Endurance® Answering Modern Demands

Endurance® Answering Modern Demands

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The expectations of what a door should be have changed with the times, with homeowners relying more on their doors to keep them safer and more comfortable throughout the year. This means that this product group has changed from being an obligatory add-on, to a product that holds its own as an important home improvement decision.

It is often cited that the days of being able to leave your front door unlocked are behind us, and with growing population and crime rates upon us, it is easy to see why. For this reason, We have invested in a door design that offers unrivalled standards of security without compromising on any aesthetic appeal. Endurance doors, simply put, are designed for the modern homeowner.

Due to their versatile design, fabricators and installers alike can answer the customer call for better door designs with the Endurance range. Comprising a BBA accredited solid timber core, these doors are manufactured using 17 engineered timber laminates to result in a build that is 10% thicker than all other solid doors on the current market. It’s never been easier to secure customer peace of mind.

Further to this, homeowners of today have become used to the comfort that the technology of the modern age brings. This means that they are less tolerant of draughts and leaks, expecting their door to protect them from any adverse weather with ease. This is why Endurance doors have been designed and tested to achieve an impressive U-value of 1.6, keeping winter winds at bay.

Gone also is the heyday of mass produced, simple white uPVC doors. Endurance composite doors allow fabricators and installers to offer their customers the freedom to get the perfect fit for their project, with a wide range of high quality woodgrain finishes on offer. This is also accompanied by a perfect colour matching service, that ensures the door panel and frame match seamlessly.

This is an important feature, as modern front doors have become known to set the tone of the property. Homeowners have become more concerned with the aesthetic of their door, often relying on it to give a facelift to the property. This means that offering customers the option to set the tone for their home allows installers to gain a competitive edge.

Due to the evolution of door designs over the years, homeowners are no longer satisfied with promises of quality: they want guarantees. All Endurance doors come with a £2000 security guarantee, Secured by Design certification and a comprehensive 10 year hardware guarantee to assure lasting quality. These doors offer more, so you can too.

Bring the Endurance Door to Your Product Range

Ensure you are offering the latest in quality by offering your customers the Endurance door. To become an Installer Partner, call 01652 659259 or visit our online contact form for more information about how to join.

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