Happy Endurance Customer: Mina

Happy Endurance Customer: Mina

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The Endurance range of composite doors is incredibly versatile, easily tailored to suit a wide range of tastes and effortlessly installed into any part of the house. Mina, a recent happy Endurance customer, was able to bring a new standard of quality to an outbuilding on her property.

Creating the Perfect Space

Mina opted to have an Endurance stable door installed into her hobby and craft room, which enables her to escape from the hustle and bustle of teenagers when she can. She went for a stable design as she has had this design on other properties but wanted to go for a more modern composite option, avoiding the maintenance problems that come with the original wooden design.

Commenting on this, she said:

“Wooden doors tend to swell and shrink depending on the weather, whereas the composite door doesn’t.”

She then went on to comment on the benefits of the stable design:

“I like the way that you can keep the bottom closed to keep the pets out and have the top open to make use of the view and have as like a window. But also, you can lock it together, and it just becomes a complete door.”

Composite Stable Doors

Bringing a Personal Touch

To help bring a seamless new addition to her property, Mina opted for an Anthracite Grey exterior with a white interior. When choosing her colour, Mina commented:

“I sort of had a colour in mind, but there were so many colours to choose from that when I did look through the brochure I did have a rethink, and I eventually chose the Anthracite Grey. The colour in the brochure is exactly as it is in real life. The external colour matches the outside of the building perfectly, and the inside, being white, is easily matched to any décor.”

Alongside this, she chose clear glass to make the most of the view, and the simple pattern allowed her to dress the window to her preferences: which included the use of a blind. To complement the door further, Mina chose black door furniture as she felt that the neutral colour suited the door well.

Outstanding Quality

Endurance doors are manufactured using premium grade materials and the latest techniques, which allows the classic stable door design to be brought into the modern age. Mina commented on the quality of her Endurance door:

“The build quality is excellent. The door feels really sturdy and secure, and you can just push it to and catches nicely. I love my Endurance door, basically because it looks exactly the same as my wooden one but it’s so easy maintenance: and I think the colour is just lovely. I would definitely recommend Endurance Doors to my family and friends, I have two on this property, and I would definitely have them again in my next property.”

If Mina has inspired you to invest in an Endurance door for your home, why not find your nearest Installer Partner today? Alternatively, you can get in touch with us, and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

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