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Locking Mechanisms for Composite Doors

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Security should be the first concern when choosing a composite door for your home. Balancing between ease of use, and your home security can be a tightrope walk which is why we’ve composed all the choices that we offer here at Endurance Doors in one easy-to-read guide.

Before jumping straight into each locking mechanism, we feel it’s important to explain that as part of our standard specification here at Endurance Doors, each door we manufacture is already sledgehammer-proof. Without anything less than a heavy-duty battering ram, even the toughest of intruders can’t break down your composite door. These unbreakable doors are what sets the stage for each one of our locking mechanisms no matter your requirements.

endurance abs cylinder locking mechanisms

The Guardian 5

This high security system transforms your door into a wall on hinges. Featuring 5 Nickel-plated deadbolts that slide effortlessly into steel keeps. It balances out security with performance thanks to its advanced sprung gearbox which makes it an effortless experience to engage the hooks without applying force. Making it not only a whole new standard of security but also ensures that its performance stays consistent even in the lowest of temperatures.

The 5-Point Mechanism

For homes that need a different approach to security, we can’t gloss over the 5-point mechanism which features 4 hooks and a central brass deadbolt, effectively making several anchors for your front door. Latching what is effectively an impenetrable barrier onto the door frames. When fully thrown, the bi-directional position of the hooks improves compression and weather sealing. Adding to the level of security that it provides.

The AV2

This Autolocking mechanism operates as soon as the door closes behind you, removing the need to lift a lever in order to hook the door into place, creating a smoother experience when you enter your home. Once the door is slammed shut, all of the firing pins engage with 2 steel hooks that are built with high-tensile strength. The deadbolt itself activates by turning the key. Meaning that your composite door comes with in-built security features before the door even gets locked.

The AV3

This advanced autolocking mechanism is the next step in the evolution of the AV2, the AV3 features a daytime latch that can be activated for times when flexible entry from the outside is required without the use of the key. Unlike the automatic locks on the AV2 which shuts as soon as the door is slammed to trigger the firing pins, the automatic locking process on the AV3 is activated with magnetic trigger technology. This allows for the door to lock into place without additional locking.


Entering the latest in home security technology, the TouchKey smart handle integrates classic mechanical technology with electronic developments. The TouchKey offers four different methods of access, which include fingerprint recognition, meaning you are the key. With the ability to store up to fifty separate fingerprints, authorised users can unlock the door without ever having to worry about where your keys are. Using this in tandem with scheduled access times, you can allow dog walkers, cleaners, etc to have an easy access experience with your composite door. Compatible with the SmartHome app and Siri, it also comes with an unbeatable level of convenience without compromising on security.

As you can see, Endurance offers a wide spectrum of locking mechanisms, with varying degrees of security as well as comfort features. We recommend taking the time to thoroughly evaluate what you need for your home specifically and decide from there which locking mechanism best suits you.