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Stained Glass For Composite Doors

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We have multiple glazing types for our composite doors here at Endurance. Whether you’re hoping to include a large window in a new front door or have a smaller, subtler glazed area, we can help. We’re very proud of our distinctive glass window designs and have all manner of options to choose from.

This month, we wanted to focus on one particular type; stained glass. These colourful windows have been in use for centuries and have lots of character. Their popularity has fluctuated over time, but they’ve never gone completely out of fashion and we’ve noticed they’re coming back into style. So, let’s take a brief look at the history of stained glass and why you should use it in a new front door.

Professional historians have traced the origins of stained glass all the way back to the ancient world. We don’t know precisely who invented it, but both the Romans and Egyptians produced coloured glass and used it to make luxury items like cups. They didn’t make the leap from smaller objects to windows though; coloured windows didn’t make their first appearance until the 7th century, when they started showing up in Churches and monasteries.

The earliest known reference to stained glass windows was in 675 AD when workmen were commissioned to create some for the monastery of St Peter. By the 10th century, travellers in the medieval world could expect to see decorative glass windows in Churches across northern Europe, especially in Germany, France and England. Stained glass windows were used to depict biblical scenes to a largely illiterate audience, showing everyday folk the lives of Saints and other Christian figures. These windows helped influence the atmosphere of Churches, so in some respects, you could argue they played a part in the spread of Christianity. 

Fast forward a few hundred years and stained glass has spread further. It’s no longer limited to religious buildings and is widely available nowadays. Changes in technology have made it easier to produce and it’s been used in homes for decades. There were occasions when it was considered old-fashioned, but while its popularity dimmed, it never went away. 

Stained glass isn’t for everyone and there will always be people who prefer their glazing to be clear or undecorated. For those of us who like a splash of colour though, it’s a great way to add a touch of personality to our homes. If you want an eye-catching finish for your new composite door, stained glass is perfect. 

For example, our Elizabeth-style glazing adds a hint of elegance to a home. The actual coloured section is comparatively small, but whether you choose the blue or red version, it makes a big impression. 

Alternatively, our Opus glass makes a real statement. The rich red immediately draws the eye and it has a sophisticated touch with a hint of the traditional. Both of these styles work especially well in Victorian or Edwardian homes and are great for homeowners who want to retain that period vibe. 

So, if this little jaunt through history has got you thinking about coloured glass, Endurance can help bring your ideas to life. You can get started on your next project by checking out our online door designer where you’ll be able to create your own bespoke door. You’re also more than welcome to contact us, we’d love to discuss your ideas. Get in touch today and let’s see what we can come up with.