Endurance Showroom of the Month – February 2020 – Newleaf Windows & Doors

Endurance Showroom of the Month – February 2020 – Newleaf Windows & Doors

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Newleaf Windows & Doors supply and install high quality replacement doors and windows throughout Northamptonshire – including Desborough, Rothwell, Kettering and all the surrounding areas.

Newleaf were suggested for the award by Scott Foster, Endurance door’s Marketing Manager, and after a visit from Gary Baldwin, Area Sales Manager, and Hollie Cope, Marketing Executive, it was plain to see why Scott thought Newleaf deserved the award.

They have a total of 8 Endurance doors on display in their showroom, along with an A0 Wall Chart, two Endurance Showroom banners, Solid Block samples and a colour swatch.


Endurance spoke to David Brown, Business Owner at Newleaf:

 Q: How have you found the Endurance marketing materials in your showroom?

 A: Very good.  The materials really do help.  


Q: Which Endurance materials do you find work best in your showroom?

 A: The A0 Poster is very useful for when customers come in, they can actually view all the doors at a glance. I think this is one of the best things in the showroom.


Q: What sort of Endurance marketing tools would you take with you to an appointment or survey?

 A: More often than not when I go to do a survey, the customer has already visited the showroom. When I get to the survey, I’m looking for the finer details, cills, trims etc. I would only really take with me an Endurance colour swatch, as by that point the customer has already decided on an Endurance door.


Q: What would you say to anybody thinking about becoming an Endurance Installer?

 A: I would recommend Endurance. I’m happy with the product, I’m happy with the people I deal with at the office, overall, I’m very happy.


To see what Endurance can do for your showroom, or to become an Installer today, call 01652 659259 or email marketing@endurancedoors.co.uk

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