Endurance Showroom of the Month – January 2020 – Custom UPVC

Endurance Showroom of the Month – January 2020 – Custom UPVC

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Custom UPVC Windows Ltd are an established family run business, based in Widnes. With over 20 years’ experience, they have built a reputation for high-quality customer service and first-class workmanship by always paying attention to details.

They were chosen for Endurance’s Showroom of the Month for January after their Area Sales Manager, Dave Croft, nominated them for the award.

Endurance spoke to Ceri Carter at Custom UPVC –

Q: How have you found the Endurance marketing materials in your showroom?

A: Solid Core samples and Colour Swatches do help massively when showing the comparison to other types of composite doors.

Q: Which Endurance materials do you find work best in your showroom?

A: Having the doors themselves in the showroom is the best marketing product. Customers love to see the doors in real life.

Q: What sort of Endurance Materials tools would you take with you to an appointment or survey?

A: We usually take the 106-page Trade Catalogue with us, and a couple of Homeowner Brochures to leave with the customers if they wish, and we always take our laptop to show the Door Designer.

Q: How happy are you with the service from the Marketing team at Endurance?

A: Very happy, we used to rely on our Area Sales Manager to bring us brochures, but once he explained we could order them direct from the Marketing Department, its been so much easier.

Q: What would you say to anybody thinking about becoming an Endurance Installer?

A: Excellent product, become an installer, but not near me! 😉


To see what Endurance can do for your showroom, or to become an Installer today, call 01652 659259 or email marketing@endurancedoors.co.uk

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