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Summer Security Tips Infographic

Endurance Doors Summer Security Tips

With the summer months upon us it creates an exciting buzz amongst millions of households as we look forward to enjoying a bit of sunshine. Whether this means jetting abroad, enjoying a staycation or simply relaxing at home, it's important to always protect your home, even when you're at home! 

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Design Your Dream Door 1400 x 1980

Designing Your Dream Door

Choosing a new composite front door can be a tricky decision, you want it to reflect your own personal style whilst complimenting the existing aesthetics of your home. But Endurance Doors have made it easier than ever to find a style to suit your home. Our wide variety of door designs, colours, glazing and hardware make this decision even more exciting. 

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What is a composite door 1400 x 1980

What Is A Composite Door?

For both urban and rural homes alike the front door is the focal point, protecting the household from intruders and the elements whilst still being affordable and reflecting the homes' individuality. 

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Traditional Doors   1400 x 1980

Your Guide To Traditional Composite Doors

Traditional home décor is a classic style that’s means to “exist in or as part of a long-established tradition” and is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its timeless feel. This style allows households to incorporate the characteristics of one or more historical styles, which can help to give their homes the traditional charm will all the benefits for modern day living.

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Ant Grey 1400 x 1980

Update Your Style With Our Contemporary Composite Door Guide

The general meaning of the word contemporary means to “live or occur at the same time” which for homeowners means that traditional aspects of their home can be updated with modern and striking features that make their household more unique. Updating both rural and urban properties with a contemporary front door can significantly improve the aesthetics to any home by reflecting the individual’s personality and creating an incredibly stylish entrance.

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Pearl Grey 1400 x 1980

Grey Composite Doors: Find Your Look

The front door to any house is the start of a journey through somebody’s home. For both new and old homes alike the front door is the focal point. It should be able to protect the home from intruders and the elements, whilst being an extension of the homeowner's style and adding to aesthetics.

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